We won’t let you fly solo

Hello Customer takes pride in providing you with the right tools, mindset, philosophy and experience to prepare, roll out and coordinate your CX-programme. Whether you’re hands-on or need a bit more guidance, we tailor to your needs.


How we get started

Here to help you towards CX success

Ongoing support

You're never alone
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Security & GDPR

Secure like Fort Knox

Easy Integrations

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How we get started

We guarantee a scalable and agile roll-out of the platform throughout your organisation.

Set up for CX success

During the onboarding process the Customer Success team is there to make sure the platform is set up the right way. A Client Partner will hand you the tools to let customer centricity become a business responsibility.

An Onboarding & Insights Manager will take you through the technical set-up. You’ll be up and running in no time!

hello customer ongoing support

Ongoing support

After the programme is launched, you can take matters into your own hands. However, we’ll always be there to provide you with the right support and guidance.

You’re never alone

We keep track of the health of your CX-programme. A client partner works hard to make sure you get the most out of the platform and to scale the project within your organisation. Our Customer Support managers are ready to deliver quick and efficient troubleshooting if a question pops up.  

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Security & GDPR

We take security very seriously and work tirelessly to keep your data safe, every single day. Our guarantees to you:

We're fully GDPR compliant
ISO 27001 compliance
Tier 1 datacentres with the highest level of protection
All data assets are encrypted end-to-end
Our platform is built for security from the ground up, it's security by design
Full failover facilities in our back-up datacentre
hello customer integrations

Quick & Easy Integration

We pride ourselves on our fast and easy integration process. To guarantee full automation, Hello Customer offers integration possibilities with your existing customer systems.

We provide

  • FTPS
  • Native Integration with Salesforce, Selligent & Microsoft Dynamics
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Did you know our fastest onboarding happened in only three days? With Hello Customer you can start capturing feedback right away!