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We won’t let you fly solo

At Hello Customer we take pride in providing you with the right tools, mindset, and experience to prepare, roll out and coordinate your customer experience program. Whether you’re hands-on or need a bit more guidance, we tailor to your needs.


Our onboarding process

Scalable and agile set-up with the right guidance.

Ongoing support

A dedicated customer success manager and a wealth of resources.
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Security & GDPR

We work tirelessly to keep your data safe.

Easy integrations

Connect feedback to operational data for actionable insights.
hello customer onboarding

How we get started

We guarantee a scalable and agile roll-out of the platform throughout your organization. Once we get started, the program will be up and running in no time, so you can capture customer feedback from the get-go!

A client partner will help you determine the strategic goals:

  • How you can embed Hello Customer within your business
  • Help you set the scene and scope of the program
  • Support you in mapping out the customer journey
hello customer ongoing support

Ongoing support

After the platform is launched, you can take matters into your own hands. However, we’ll always be there to provide you with the right support and guidance. On top, we have a lot of information that's easily accessible via the knowledge base and our web resources.

You’re never alone

We understand that customer experience is a game of change that requires the right follow-up. Your customer success manager will regularly check in on you to look for improvements and to guide and inform you on how you can get the most out of the Hello Customer platform.

Security & GDPR

We take security very seriously and work tirelessly to keep your data safe, every single day. Our guarantees to you:

We're fully GDPR compliant
ISO 27001 compliance
Tier 1 datacentres with the highest level of protection
All data assets are encrypted end-to-end
Our platform is built for security from the ground up, it's security by design
Full failover facilities in our back-up datacenter
Centralize feedback (marketing)

Create a central hub for all your feedback & CX data

Centralize your CX data across departments and silos using our many integrations and open API. You can integrate any open feedback source, going from social media reviews or Trustpilot reviews to Typeform or Google form surveys. Or capture open feedback via our own survey engine.

Feedback, however, means nothing without context. Add other customer-related data, e.g. from your CRM, ERP, CDP, or ticketing systems, to get a full view of your CX performance across the customer journey. 

We pride ourselves on our easy and agile setup. With Hello Customer you can start capturing customer feedback in a matter of days to ensure  fast time to value!