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We predict the right actions to take for real impact on your KPIs

As a true data analysis platform we automatically calculate which trends have the most impact on your CX metrics or KPI of choice so you can take action with confidence. 

How we help you prioritize actions

Know what to do

We cut through the noise. Our platform brings together the right data to show you where you can have the most impact.

Know it fast

Because of our continuous analysis we feed you the right actions to support you in your daily decision making.

Engage the right teams

Our AI links insights to the right teams, departments, stores etc. so you don't only know what to do, but who should do it.
KDA Dynamic

Know where to act in seconds

Know exactly what drives customers to either recommend you, be indifferent or never return to you again. Our Key Driver Analysis tells you exactly what impacts your CX metrics, churn, revenue, or other KPIs, so you know precisely what to improve or tackle.

benchmark by locations

Prioritize coaching for the right teams

Our team ranking can be applied to regions, locations, teams, and individual agents. We allow you to not only rank on satisfaction scores but also on feedback categories and sentiment, for example, ranking on staff friendliness. This way you can really focus your coaching efforts where actually needed.

Learn how Colmar reached a 6% increase in profitability by acting on customer feedback

"With Hello Customer we can evaluate every service and every performance on a daily basis. This way we keep a finger to the pulse in all our branches and we can intervene quickly to implement improvements."

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Churn risk alerts

Get an immediate alert when a customer is about to churn. Our AI filters out the feedback that needs your immediate attention and groups it in the urgent category. For example by looking at negative sentiment when a customer mentions they'll move to a competitor, or when someone leaves their contact details and requires fast follow-up.

dispatch feedback-3

Engage the right teams with feedback

Create notifications to send the relevant feedback to the right teams. As a trigger, you can use NPS, CSAT or CES scores to deliver very positive or very negative feedback to certain teams. Moreover, you can further dispatch feedback in a smart way by adding categories and sentiment to the trigger. 

conversation manager with smart filters-2-1

All of your feedback in one real-time inbox

Centralize all of your individual feedback into one easy-to-use overview. You can manage the feedback through filters, tags, flags and internal notes to keep track of the status. Integrate our inbox with your favorite follow-up tool for closing the loop actions.