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The AI platform to turn customer feedback into business critical insights

Industry-leading accuracy, fast implementation,
fully personalized for your business.

collect feedback static

Collect customer feedback from multiple sources

Use our own survey manager to set up surveys via e-mail, on web and mobile, via QR, WhatsApp, SMS or voice-to-text. We always combine a score question with open feedback, but we also provide multi-question and question logic for more depth when needed. Or easily integrate online review sources or connect to existing survey tools.

text analysis for customer feedback

Industry-leading text analysis for customer feedback

Combining NLP, machine learning and community data, our text analysis for large volumes of customer feedback has unprecedented accuracy. The engine analyses each feedback separately, breaking it apart in multiple predictions for categories and sentiment

Industry-leading depth of analysis with multi-level categorization
Accurate predictions for confident decisions
Available in 30+ languages (and counting)
customer segmentation with smart filters

Customer segmentation for deeper insights

We enrich received customer feedback with customer and operational data from your ERP, ticketing system, CRM or CDP  to facilitate business critical insights across all your departments and customer segments.

Drill deeper into feedback insights
Compare customer segments, teams and regions
Make your insights more relevant by adding revenue data


Identify key drivers and prioritize actions

Our AI calculates which trends in your open feedback really impact your KPI of choice. We show what's critical and what's not, so you can cut through the noise and take decisions for your business confidently. 

Business metrics included: NPS, CSAT, CES, revenue, churn (and counting)
Tackle the cost of indecision
Prove the ROI of CX improvements

part of your ecosystem

Go live in a matter of weeks instead of months

Don't waste time waiting for insights because of an endless onboarding process. At Hello Customer we guarantee an agile and easy setup, so you can get to work quickly.

Part of your existing ecosystem
Intuitive configuration and no-code implementation
Collect feedback from the get-go
Immediately get qualitative insights


We take security very seriously and work tirelessly
to keep your data safe, every single day.
Our guarantees to you:


We are fully GDPR compliant.

ISO 27001

We are fully ISO27001 compliant.

Data protection

We only use EU-based tier 1 datacenters with the highest level of protection.

Data encryption

All data assets are encrypted end-to-end.

Platform security

Our platform is built for security from the ground up, it's security by design.

Failover facilities

We have full failover facilities in our back-up datacenter.