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Prioritize strategic actions to improve sales performance

Discover how customer feedback helps you get to the root cause of declining sales.

track performance across points of sales

Changes in sales affect revenue

Reducing your network of physical branches or limiting your service or product offering? Moving sales to online or opening experience stores with self-service kiosks?

The way companies sell has changed drastically over the past years. You need to track performance across all your POS so you can track whether sales accelerate, stagnate or decline.

Capture feedback at meaningful touchpoints
customer feedback to understand why sales are dropping

Feedback to understand why sales are dropping

When there's a drop in revenue, feedback is a great starting point to figure out why. It's easy to look at your sales team first, but are they the real reason sales are dropping? Feedback helps you solve different pains:

  • Are my sales teams underperforming, and if so, why? 
  • Does my product still meet market needs?  
  • Why are customers churning?
consumers avoid venders after negative customer experience

People, product or process issue?

By asking for feedback you gain insight into every step of the buyer journey. This helps you pinpoint why sales are struggling. Typically, the root cause of declining sales can be brought back to three pillars: processes, people or your product or service offering.

We designed the Hello Customer platform to recognize feedback about these business drivers in real time

Get to the root cause

Get actionable insights about

Employee engagement

Feedback helps you on an individual scale if you need to coach different sales people, and it motivates your teams.

Sales process

Does your sales process translate well to an online environment? Are your teams adjusting to new ways of selling?

Product relevance

Does your product meet market needs and customer expectations?

Back-end processes

Are there issues in back-office operations like billing? How easy is it to subscribe to your products or services online?

Act for business impact

Capturing feedback is nice, but to increase your sales performance you need to take action. For that, you need a customer feedback platform that brings you from feedback to relevant insights in an instant.

Once you have a grip on customer expectations and blind spots, you can use that information to increase sales performance. Prevent customers from churning, align your product with the market and crank up your sales training for a better experience.

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