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Use customer feedback to improve performance in your branches

Customer-facing teams can make or break the customer experience for brick-and-mortar businesses. Use customer feedback to get a bird's eye view of the performance of all your locations to invest in targeted coaching and improvement projects.

We help organizations prioritize performance improvements

Improve performance through targeted coaching

Locate best and worst performers across your points of sales, understand what part of the customer experience should be improved, and make targeted coaching investments.

Capture feedback in all your branches

Use Hello Customer to capture feedback post-purchase about all your stores or branches to discover where you're inconsistent in the customer experience.

Combine feedback with transactional data

Enrich feedback by adding transactional data to your surveys, like store or branch location, purchase amount, customer segment, to understand regional or demographic differences.

Understand what impacts CX on a branch level

Our AI processes all incoming feedback by automatically doing sentiment analysis and categorizing all feedback that addresses the same topics, so you know what impacts CX down to a branch level.
team performance benchmark

Improve performance through targeted coaching

You want to understand how every store or branch performs, how they compare to one another or how they benchmark overall. With our platform, you can easily keep track of how each branch ranks, so you can intervene quickly when satisfaction drops.

Because of our granular analysis, you'll know exactly which teams need support or coaching, which service aspect needs improvement, or if internal processes are hurting the customer experience. 

capture customer feedback

Capture feedback in all your branches

With Hello Customer no location goes unnoticed. Capture customer feedback effortlessly on mobile and web, via multiple channels (QR, email, SMS, In-app) across points of sales to get the full picture. 

Our surveys always consist of a score question (NPS, CSAT or CES) and an open feedback question so you can understand exactly why customers are happy or unhappy with their experience at a branch or store.

compare customer segments using smart filters

Combine feedback with transactional data

Our detailed predictions + your operational data = winning at CX. We will tell you exactly which problem to tackle and your transactional data (branch, customer segment, product, status) allows you to come up with an effective solution for your operational teams.

This powerful combination allows you to make relevant changes in the customer experience without losing time and resources trying to fix things that aren't the problem. 

You're in good company

We're proud to work for these leading brands.

improve customer experience on branch level

Understand what drives CX on a branch level

Our AI text analysis ISAAC automatically does sentiment analysis and categorizes all feedback that addresses the same topics, in all EU languages and with industry-leading accuracy
ISAAC drills down the categorization to the exact root cause of a problem. And because you've added transactional data, ISAAC can locate issues down to a branch level, so you know exactly what and where to improve.

The results?


Higher competitiveness

Improve branch performance, streamline processes and optimize your product offering by understanding exactly what drives or harms CX across points of sales to increase your competitiveness.

Increased revenue

Best-in-class brands make improving CX a business priority. 85% of consumers are willing to pay up to 25% more for a better experience. At the same time, 67% of consumers list bad CX as a primary reason for churning.
save on time

Save on time and effort

Don't waste time reading and analyzing thousands of feedbacks to know how and where you should take action. We point you in the right direction so you can focus on taking action where needed.