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Whether you're selling clothes, books, kitchens or electronic devices; you're all facing the same challenge: a market flooded by endless product options combined with increased customer expectations. One strategy to set you apart and increase customer retention is focusing on customer experience. Read here how Hello Customer can help you improve customer experience in an omnichannel world.

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Capture the customer's voice

Get direct and personal feedback from your customers from any channel you want. We help you capture the customer's voice in a relevant matter, and by asking for open feedback we go beyond the satisfaction score. Our 2-question surveys have unseen response rates and using your customer's feedback we know exactly where you need to step it up.

Insights from A to Z

Win as a team. We take customer satisfaction company-wide by analyzing the feedback and making sure it ends up with the right department. Whether it's in-store staff, the webshop team, customer service or your product designers: we deliver them all with insights how they can improve customer experience.  Whether it's notifications, weekly reports or custom dashboards, we have everything you need to engage your employees.


Check out our case study with Colora

B2C paint supplier Colora has seen a 30% increase in their response rate compared to traditional surveys and are heavily relying on customer feedback to satisfy and delight their customers

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Know what to do next

Create the next best thing in retail based on your customer feedback. 
Our artificial intelligence analyses all feedback in the right context so it knows that it should be analysed for retail and keeps all aspects of the industry in mind. It does so in all European languages and at the highest accuracy in the market. 
Plus, combined with your operational data (what branch, product, customer segment) you'll know exactly what to do to adapt to your customer's needs.

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