Customer Feedback Management for
Retail Companies

How we help retailers drive revenue through customer feedback

Win in e-commerce

Identify friction points in your logistic processes from order to parcel delivery.

Maximize customer service productivity

Help your team to deliver great customer experience.

Optimize your
product offering

Discover the always-changing needs of your customer.

Put your people first

Engage your sales team and deliver tailored coaching based on customer feedback.
Hello Customer retail succeeds in e-commerce

Win in e-commerce

From check-out optimization to delivery logistics, many aspects come together to get a parcel out the door. Open customer feedback about the process enables you to identify pain points in your back-end processes that ultimately hurt the customer.

Our open text analysis highlights where there is friction, based on thousands of feedback entries. Our root-cause analysis uncovers if a specific region, customer segment, or delivery partner is affected.

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Hello Customer optimize customer service processes

Maximize customer service productivity

Inefficient customer service leads to long resolution times and unsatisfied customers. Both harm your bottom line.

No matter how amazing your team is, when processes aren't aligned, or they don't have the right tools, it is tough for them to deliver great customer experiences. We help you empower them using customer feedback.

We're here to support your customer service team

Check out our case study with colora

B2C paint supplier colora has seen a 30% increase in their response rate compared to traditional surveys. They heavily rely on feedback to satisfy and delight their customers.

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Hello Customer meet customer's expectations

Optimize your product offering

Monitoring your customer's product interests and preferences is key to meeting their ever-changing expectations.
Customer feedback has the insights you need and with our root-cause analysis, you can consider differences across local demographics and customer segments.


Why your product offering needs to match customer expectations
Hello Customer engaged employees

Empower your people

2020 has proven that retail workers are essential for any business. Regular feedback on face-to-face customer interactions is a real engagement booster and enables them to tweak their sales techniques to match customer expectations.

Learn where your team shines and how you can deliver tailored coaching in our b2c sales use-case.

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