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Losing out on revenue because of friction in the customer journey?

Friction hunting

Customers expect to have easy and seamless interactions with their favorite brands.
In omnichannel era, it's crucial for your organization to understand where you are creating friction for your customers, and how you can remove obstacles in a targeted way. 

We help organizations resolve friction in the customer journey

Identify friction along the customer journey

Capture customer feedback at any point along the customer journey, either online or offline, and understand where friction is taking place.

Get quick insights into what harms the experience

Our AI pinpoints what harms the customer experience by automatically doing sentiment analysis and categorizing all feedback that addresses the same topics.

Detect emerging trends and track improvements

Pick up on negative customer satisfaction in time so you can remove friction before things escalate and prevent churn. Keep track of your CX improvements over time to see if your efforts pay off.

Prioritize actions to remove friction

Understand which teams or areas require your immediate attention and define actions to improve team performance, streamline processes or optimize your product offering.
omnichannel feedback

Identify friction on a touchpoint level

Customer journeys consist of different interaction moments with your customers, or touchpoints. With Hello Customer you can easily set up a survey for each touchpoint to gauge customer satisfaction. By centralizing your touchpoints in one platform, you'll quickly see which touchpoint has the most friction and needs your attention first.

Capture customer feedback effortlessly on mobile and web, via multiple channels (QR, email, SMS, In-app) across the customer journey. Our surveys always consist of a score question (NPS, CSAT or CES) and an open feedback question.

top ten positive and negative categories

Understand quickly what harms the experience

Receiving large volumes of open feedback can be overwhelming. Our AI-driven open text analysis ISAAC automatically categorizes feedback into topics and recognizes sentiment for you. This way we offer you an easy-to-understand overview of which topics are harming the customer experience most.
Because our analysis is so granular, you can drill down to the root cause of friction and understand exactly how or which obstacles to remove.

You're in good company

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KDA Dynamic

Prioritize actions to remove friction

We give you all the tools to remove friction. Use the team ranking to understand which team performances can be improved and offer tailored coaching based on your customer's needs.

The Key Driver Analysis combines satisfaction scores and feedback categories and shows you which categories are creating friction and their precise impact on the overall customer experience. Share the analysis with other departments and come up with solutions together. 

The results?


Higher competitiveness

Improve people performance, streamline processes and optimize your product offering by understanding exactly what creates friction in the customer journey to increase your company's competitiveness.

Increased revenue

Removing friction to improve the customer experience contributes to revenue growth as 85% of consumers are willing to pay up to 25% more for a better experience. At the same time, 67% of consumers list bad CX as a primary reason for churning.
save on time

Save on time and effort

Don't waste time reading and analyzing thousands of feedbacks to know how and where you should take action. We point you in the right direction so you can focus on solving friction, instead of detecting it.