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Don't just reply to feedback, act on it

Critizr is great at connecting your store managers with your customers, but is that enough to make a lasting impact on your customer experience? 

What if you could collect feedback from all your stores and have it analyzed in real-time? What if you could include your customer service team too? What if you could have a platform that shows you exactly where you have a problem? 

Discover Hello Customer, the Critizr alternative you’ve been waiting for.

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Why Hello Customer?

Straightforward success

Old school CX platforms have become huge, complicated platforms with too many bells and whistles. We bring it back to the core: you capture feedback, we analyze it, and pinpoint exactly where you have a problem in your customer experience. 

20% - 25% open-rates

Our survey template includes 1 metric question (NPS, CSAT or CES) and an open feedback question. This approach results in a 20%-25% open rate and a 40% answer rate on average. Still need more info? Just add an extra question. 

Unparallelled AI accuracy

Our AI analyzes customer feedback in all European languages (all are included in the platform). We signal exactly where you need to take action to remove friction in the customer experience. 

1 month implementation time

We’re an easy, self-service platform so you have full control. Our plug-and-play Salesforce connector has you connected to your systems in no time. 

Make small changes after 2 weeks

Our data is community trained, specifically for your industry. This means all the insights are accurate from day 1. In 2 weeks' time, you’ll notice trends and pain points so you can take the right actions without wasting another day.


A flat fee, no hidden volume limitations. No day rate consultancy fees. No surprises.

Why other companies are switching to Hello Customer

  full-pos Competitors
+ 20% survey response rate check no available
Advanced text analytics check no available
All European languages included check no available
Root-cause analysis check no available
Feedback for HQ and frontline teams check no available
Fully self-serviced check check
Implemented within weeks check check
Native Salesforce connector check check

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