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Professional services

We offer professional services via our own team of experts or through professional partnerships to support you on your customer experience journey.

Discover our services offering

VoC survey design

Ask the right questions at the right time via the right channel.

Close the loop strategy

Close the loop between your organization and your customers.

Internal engagement

Create across-the-board engagement to achieve company-wide CX efforts.

Classroom training

Get new teams, departments or countries on the Hello Customer platform.

Data strategy & insights

Set up a data strategy to get the most out of your feedback insights.

CX Inspiration Keynotes

Inspire your organization with a keynote delivered by our founders.
VoC survey

VoC survey design

In VoC survey design we help you create the right survey strategy so that you receive the right feedback and input from customers at the right moments in the customer journey.

Defining the right touchpoints at the right moment in your journey
Defining the right data to be added to the Hello Customer platform
Creating the right CX metrics and potential additional questions per touchpoint survey

feedback driven action loop

Closing the loop strategy

In Closing the Loop, we help you build a strategy to get back to customers on various levels of the company and help you implement it.

Create a compelling communication strategy with feedback insights
How to communicate back to your customers on a 1:many level about actions you've taken based on feedback
How to create 1:1 follow-up with customers that gave feedback

internal cx engagement

Internal customer experience engagement

CX improvements require cross-the-board engagement. Changing processes, training people, doing product innovation, … it requires employees to be motivated and aware of the importance of CX and understand their own impact.

Employee feedback surveys
Internal feedback loops
Internal communication strategy about your purpose and customer centricity vision

Classroom and platform Trainings

Classroom CX &
Platform Training

Our goal is to help you empower your platform users to become true CX advocates for your organization. Starting now, you can direct them to our classroom training sessions. During these trainings we look at: 

  The importance of customer experience and what it means to work on it
  How everyone can contribute to improving CX as part of a larger team
  The dynamics of customer feedback and how to work with the platform.

Training sessions take place every two months and will give you tons of community inspiration through peer knowledge sharing.

Analysis and Insights

Data Strategy & Insights

You need to have a deep understanding of customer data if you want to implement effective CX improvements and make smart investments. We can help you create the right CX data collection strategy and interpret all the insights in line with your business objectives.

Data collection strategy
In-depth business reviews
Project prioritisation


Leslie Cottenjé and  Bram De Vos

CX Inspiration Keynotes

Looking for some extra CX inspiration for your organization or event? Our CEO Leslie Cottenjé delivers engaging keynotes on the importance of CX for your business goals. Previous speaking events include the Bloovi Entrepreneurship Summit, DEC Madrid, CX Summit Amsterdam, and many more events.

Our co-founder Bram De Vos is known to enthuse people and companies about the power of customer centricity. He focuses heavily on the business value of happy customers and how to go about it.