Hi there, we're Hello Customer 👋

Hello Customer is a CX technology company that is relentlessly innovating to draw the bold line from CX to growth. We collect and convert open unstructured feedback into powerful insights across your business.

By connecting the dots between experience and operations, we help you find out what your customers really want, why they leave and let you measure taken actions. Our AI engine is your North Star to help you make the right decisions for your business.

hello customer why we want to join forces

Why we want to join forces

At Hello Customer, we are passionate about helping people. We want to help organisations overcome boundaries and prepare them for a bright future where the customer is at the centre of their universe.

We know this is a process that doesn’t happen overnight. As the saying goes, ‘change is the only constant’. That’s why we want to be a part of your journey. When you allow Hello Customer to join forces in your business strategy, you are in for a ride.

2015 founded
30+ employees
100+ clients worldwide

What makes us tick?

Our company values

We are ambitious to grow worldwide
We are passionate about our customers
We make the complex simple
We take ownership of our role and work and strive for great results
We value, share and celebrate each other's success
Don't take life too seriously, work is also fun & exciting!
hello customer team

Meet the team!

We’re a diverse team sharing the same values. We’re an interesting mix of backgrounds in different fields, ranging from retail, customer data, social media, customer experience and even archaeology and engineering. Our differences make us well-balanced and allow us to learn from each other, to adapt and improve.

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