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About us

We're all about connecting people

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Why we get up everyday for this

Because we truly care

Hello Customer is a young company based in Ghent and in London, bringing together bright minds in customer centricity, development and data science to help shape a customer-centric world. Central to our efforts is that we believe in customer centricity as the very core of our activities. 

We build software, but care first and foremost about helping companies overcome bounderies, and getting ready for a bright future in which the customer is the center of the universe.

Our Focus

Customer feedback, true gold

There's enough survey companies and checkbox-questionaires in this world. We don't want to add another one, nore do we believe that surveying is the way to get to actually know your customers and understand what they care about. 

We believe in pure listening to customers, instead of trying to shape them into your world view. There is technology to help you do that.

We also believe in connecting real customer feedback back into the heart of your organisation, your staff. Because they are key to any succesful customer centric culture. They deliver the experience everyday.


The Team Behind It

A diverse team, bound together by passion

We're a team of 25, men and women, old and young, some are autistic, others are very outspoken. They have backgrounds in retail, customer data, social media, customer experience, yes some even in archeology. 

But we've all found each other in this joint belief that we must connect customers with employees, that we must bring in the open and honest feedback in order to get an organisation moving. 

We believe in customer centricity as a process, as a way of being and we are formed in this technology company to be part of that process, to make it successful.

Board Members

Our team is guided by top experts in the industry

Rik Vera CEO @ nexxworks

Rik is the CEO of Nexxworks, a leading company helping large organisations transition into the future. Rik’s focus is on digital disruption, transformation and customer centricity..

Steven Van Belleghem Thought Leader & partner @ nexxworks

Steven is a thought leader and keynote speaker throughout Europe and the USA on the future of Cx.

Wim Vanhaelemeesch Investor

Wim is an expert in building technical teams and until recently was the CIO of Accent jobs. He is now our most trusted advisor and lead investor.


Working at Hello Customer

Working at Hello Customer means that you enjoy an enormous amount of trust, freedom and responsibility. As a rule for hiring talent, we hire first by mindset, then by skills. Our team consists of creative, client-oriented, responsible, passionate and open-minded people. Besides our shared passion for true customer experience, we're a bunch of 20, 30 and 40 somethings that enjoy hard work but at the same time enjoy life.


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