We're taking feedback analysis to a whole new level

Companies need accurate data to make smart decisions based on customer feedback. With our new version of ISAAC we've gone above and beyond to deliver the most reliable feedback platform out there. 

Here are 5 reasons why you'll love our new approach:

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1. Quantified to the tee

Every customer feedback platform tries to capture what the feedback is about. The simple approach is to then break the feedback down in (sub)categories, like personnel- information. This is great, but in itself, it's not enough information to know what's going wrong. 

We've upgraded our AI to drill down the categorisation to the exact root of the problem. Personnel - information becomes personnel - information about product - loans, combined in 1 prediction. Now that's something you can work with. 

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2. Actionable insights

We won't let you waste valuable time trying to figure out what to do. In addition to the multi-level breakdown, we upgraded this graph to show you the top positive and top negative categories with as much detail as possible. 

Interested in learning how we get our AI to work so accurately? Learn more here:


3. Optimising your operational data

Our detailed predictions + your operational data = winning at CX. We will tell you exactly what the problem is and your metadata (branch, customer segment, collection, status) allows you to come up with an effective solution.

This powerful combination allows you to make relevant changes in the customer journey without losing time and resources trying to fix things that aren't the problem. 

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4. Focused on your business

To be able to look at the feedback from all different angles, we made business area filters. Co-created with our customers, they bring focused and relevant insights, tailored to your industry. 

We also trained our AI to recognize when customers are threatening to leave you or when they require a fast follow-up. The urgent area contains everything that needs your immediate attention. 


5. All sentiments captured

What customer are talking about is important, but how they're feeling even more. We've expanded our sentiment scale from 3 emotions to 5, ranging from very negative to very positive. Happy customers don't leave, so finding out what your customers are (un)happy about is of crucial importance.