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Industry-leading text analysis for customer feedback

Combining the best of NLP, machine learning and community data
with industry-leading accuracy.

How our AI delivers feedback insights

Industry-leading AI

Our AI analyzes each feedback separately, breaking it down into multiple predictions for categories and sentiment in real time.

Insights from day one

Based on community data, our AI analyzes your feedback from day one. You will not have to waste time training algorithms.

Tailored to your business

Our feedback analysis is industry-based and allows you to regroup feedback categories according to your needs.
customer feedback analysis

Deepest level of categorization on the market

Most feedback platforms on the market remain very high-level in categorizing feedback, often limited to only one or two levels. This doesn't seem to bring the necessary insights you need to take action.

Our AI categorizes up to 5 levels deep and is able to find correlations between categories. Our engine automatically creates new categories for you if needed so all the feedback that mentions this topic is automatically linked.


Detailed sentiment prediction

What customers are talking about is important, but how they are feeling about it is key. Our AI applies sentiment to each individually detected topic in a given feedback. It even includes emojis. This way you can detect quickly what customers are really unhappy about. 

Discover how colora uses ISAAC to improve the in-store experience

“Thanks to ISAAC we can evaluate differences between shops and employees and we can identify what goes wrong. This is an enormous opportunity to achieve more growth.”

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top feedback categories

Save time focusing on the topics most talked about

Feel free to lose yourself in the analysis of all your customer feedback. Or, to save you time, the platform shows you the most talked about categories, both positive and negative. By clicking on each category, you can easily read all of the related feedback.

track changing sentiment over time

Track changing sentiment
over time

See how sentiment about your products, services, personnel, price etc. changes over time to gauge actions taken and to anticipate changing needs and expectations from your customers.


Built around your business

Per industry, users can use relevant filters to focus on business areas like digital commerce, customer service, or in-store experience. Regroup existing feedback categories according to your needs so that you recognize your own business.