AI-powered insights

AI-powered insights
Meet ISAAC, our language analysis AI. ISAAC takes customer feedback analysis to a whole new level and delivers you detailed insights to narrow down the problem and to make revenue-impacting CX decisions rapidly.

The ease of AI-powered insights

Reliable insights

Our AI language engine analyses your customer feedback in detail and in real time. Thanks to our industry-leading accuracy, you can act with confidence.

Speed to value

Don't waste time waiting for insights on what to improve. Our AI is community-based and gives you insights from the first feedback responses you collect, so you can act quickly.

Tailored to your business

Our feedback analysis is industry-based and provides you with relevant insights for your business. Merge your feedback with other customer data you already own to receive insights that align with your KPIs.
customer feedback categorization and sentiment

Localize the exact source of the problem

Most customer feedback platforms on the market organize feedback into categories, by breaking down received feedback into (sub)categories, like personnel - information. This is great, but not enough to know exactly what is going on. 

Our AI drills down the categorization even further to the exact root cause of the problem. If certain words are used more often, ISAAC automatically creates a new subsegment for you. This way all the feedback that mentions this topic is automatically linked so you know where to act precisely.

hello customer top ten negative categories

Actionable insights

We won't let you waste valuable time trying to figure out what to do. In addition to the multi-level breakdown, you have an overview of top-ranking positive and negative feedback topics. Easy peasy, no more wasting time figuring out trends.

Interested to learn how we get our AI to work so accurately? Learn more here.

Discover how colora uses ISAAC to improve the in-store experience

“Thanks to ISAAC we can evaluate differences between shops and employees and we can identify what goes wrong. This is an enormous opportunity to achieve more growth.”

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combining feedback with operational data

Get more insights out of your operational data

Our detailed predictions + your operational data = winning at CX. We will tell you exactly which problem to tackle and your operational data (branch, customer segment, collection, status) allows you to come up with an effective solution.

This powerful combination allows you to make relevant changes in the customer journey without losing time and resources trying to fix things that aren't the problem. 

find urgent feedback trends

Built around your business

Per industry, users can access relevant filters to highlight areas like digital experiences, customer service, and in-store experience, so you can pinpoint the right experience that needs improvement.

We also equipped our AI with churn alerts. We trained it to recognize when customers are threatening to leave you, or when they require fast follow-up. The urgent category contains everything that needs your immediate attention.


All sentiments captured

What customers are talking about is important, but how they are feeling is even more relevant. Our AI detects sentiment, including emojis. Happy customers don't leave, so finding out what customers are (un)happy about is of crucial importance.