Centralize feedback across silos

Centralize feedback
Send out surveys to capture feedback across the customer journey and silos
for insights that impact your revenue instantly.

The ease of centralizing feedback

Ease of use & self-service

Easily create and set up your own surveys in the blink of an eye at your most meaningful touchpoints along the customer journey.

Capture feedback anywhere

Be where your customer is and capture their feedback in the moment, whether that is online or offline, in-store or on your website.

Seamlessly connect with other data sources

Connect Hello Customer to your existing systems to combine customer feedback with any other customer data you own or to trigger surveys.
omnichannel customer feedback strategy

Build an omnichannel customer feedback strategy

Capture customer feedback effortlessly on mobile and web, via multiple channels (QR, email, SMS, In-app) across the customer journey. Maintain a strategic birds-eye-view and discover where you're inconsistent in your customer experience. Go beyond the shop and capture feedback for all your online services and sales too.

analyze online reviews

Analyze all your reviews for a full view of the customer journey

Upload any file with customer feedback to the Hello Customer platform. Our AI-powered language analysis can be used on just about anything, from social media reviews to Typeform or Google form surveys. All you need is a file containing open text and a score. Add relevant metadata to get your first powerful key driver analysis.

Discover how Luminus centralizes customer feedback

"The flexibility of the Hello Customer platform lets us measure customer satisfaction continuously along the customer journey. This way we can detect changes in satisfaction in real time and we can quickly take actions to improve."

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customer effort score survey

Capture insights that make a difference

We enable you to capture the feedback that matters. Hello Customer offers the full range of customer satisfaction metrics: NPS℠ (Net Promoter Score), CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score), and CES (Customer Effort Score), so you can ask relevant questions in any interaction.

Plus, we've seen it time and time again: asking a score in combination with an open question increases the response rate by 20%. A winning combination.

Hello Customer CRM platform integration

Connect your existing platforms and amp up your data

We seamlessly connect with your existing platforms so you can combine feedback across platforms in real time. Connect your CRM and ticketing system and automatically survey customers after purchases or closed support tickets. Or use CRM triggers to automatically send out a survey at any given point in the customer journey.

Hello Customer can also push back received feedback to enrich your CRM with additional customer data history.