Centralized feedback

Gather feedback across the customer journey
Keep insights in one place


Build an omnichannel feedback strategy

Capture feedback effortlessly across multiple channels of the customer journey. Maintain a strategic birds-eye-view and discover where you're inconsistent in your customer experience. 

Capture feedback with our website touchpoints for all your online services and sales, QR-code feedback for physical locations, and e-mail surveys that span the entire journey.


Hello Customer Open feedback CES

Capture insights that make a difference

We enable you to capture feedback that matters.  Hello Customer offers the full range of customer satisfaction metrics: NPS, CSAT, and CES (Customer Effort Score), so you can ask relevant questions in any interaction.

Plus, we've seen it time and time again: one score question and one open question combined make for a +20% response rate. A winning combination.

How feedback fuels revenue growth

Why centralize feedback?

Eliminate blind spots

Don't miss important feedback signals because the feedback is scattered across tools and teams. Centralisation is key.

Align across departments

Remove friction between teams by coming up with solutions favor everyone.

Make an impact

High reward initiatives span multiple touchpoints. Take big decisions with confidence by having one overview of your customer experience.
Hello Customer CRM platform integration

Connect your platforms and power-up your data

We seamlessly connect with your existing platforms so you can collect feedback in real-time. Connect your CRM and ticketing system and automatically survey customers after purchases or closed support tickets. 

Likewise, pull back all customer feedback from Hello Customer to your CRM to complete your reporting and build complete customer data history.

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