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Collect all your customer feedback into one central platform

One place to manage all your surveys and feedback collection, creating a centralized overview of customer feedback across the customer journey.

How you can collect feedback with Hello Customer

Ease of use & self-service

Easily create and manage your feedback surveys across channels. Fast and flexible setup for continuous feedback.

Online feedback sources

Integrate all your online review sources such as Trustpilot, Google Reviews and other platforms.

Connect other survey tools

Connect Hello Customer to your existing survey tools to collect incoming feedback from active surveys.
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Manage your feedback surveys across channels

Collect customer feedback effortlessly on mobile and web, via multiple channels (QR, email, SMS, In-app, voice-to-text) across the customer journey. Maintain a central overview and discover inconsistencies n your customer experience. Go beyond your physical locations and capture feedback for online services and sales too. 

Centralize feedback & operational data

A central hub for your online reviews and other survey sources

Integrate Hello Customer with any open feedback source, ranging from online reviews, Trustpilot, to Typeform or Google form surveys. Our AI transforms feedback from any source into powerful insights.

Discover how Luminus centralizes customer feedback

"The flexibility of the Hello Customer platform lets us measure customer satisfaction continuously along the customer journey. This way we can detect changes in satisfaction in real time and we can quickly take actions to improve."

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CX metrics and question management

Hello Customer offers the full range of customer satisfaction metrics: NPS℠ (Net Promoter Score), CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score), and CES (Customer Effort Score), so you can ask the right questions in any interaction.

With our question manager, you can create smart follow-up questions, striking a balance between short surveys, better response rates and still getting the insights that you need.

Hello Customer CRM platform integration

Trigger surveys from your customer systems

We seamlessly connect with your existing platforms. Connect your CRM and ticketing system and automatically survey customers after purchases or closed support tickets. Or use CRM triggers to automatically send out a survey at any given point in the customer journey. Hello Customer can also push back received feedback to enrich your CRM with additional customer data.