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Our customer feedback management platform lets you capture, centralize and distribute feedback across channels and departments, turn it into actionable insights and manage conversations with your customers.

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What does a customer feedback management platform do?

Organizations like yours have large volumes of customers, making it hard to really have the Voice of the Customer heard by your organization.

Customer feedback is often not captured, not really listened to, or there is no follow-up action. With customer feedback management software, you can change all of this. It helps you send the right customer surveys like NPS, CSAT or CES at meaningful touchpoints throughout the customer journey. Our platform will alert the right branch - and let you manage the conversations directly with your customer. 

With Hello Customer, you're not only getting a customer feedback management tool, but also a customer feedback analysis tool. That means we help you get through thousands of individual feedbacks by performing linguistic analysis on them and categorizing them in a way that makes sense for your industry. This customer feedback analysis makes your enterprise feedback management a lot easier and makes it more convenient to report on customer feedback throughout your company. The insights show you where to take action and how urgent it is. 

Why use Hello Customer?

Hello Customer helps you improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, and ultimately increase your revenue and reduce costs.

Lowering customer friction
Identify customer friction

It's not easy to find out exactly which frictions your customers face along the customer journey. We help you to detect these obstacles, whether it's product, service, people or process related.

improve branch performance
Monitor branch performance

Know which branches perform best or worse and understand what drives performance, so you can offer an effortless customer experience, no matter the point of sale.

increase sales performance
Analyze large feedback volumes

Don't waste valuable time reading through large volumes of feedback. Our AI language engine automatically categorizes all your feedback and detects sentiment, so you can get strategic insights in seconds.


Build an omnichannel customer feedback strategy

Giving a score doesn't cut it. We capture open-text feedback on web and mobile, because just giving a score doesn't give you any real insights into what drives or harms your business. We allow you to capture feedback via email, QR-codes, and on your website.

centralize-feedback (1)

Centralize your data for quick business impact

We enrich received feedback data with any additional data you want to share with us. This centralized data facilitates impactful across-the-board insights across silos. 

 Eliminate blind spots
 Align across departments
 Make an impact


Our AI Text analytics does the heavy lifting

Our powerful AI helps you pinpoint the root cause of a problem instantly by automatically doing sentiment analysis and categorizing all feedback that addresses the same topics. This way you can focus on business strategy that makes an impact, instead of scrolling through spreadsheets to quantify data.

Depth of analysis
Accurate predictions for confident decisions
Insights in seconds
Maximize your team resources

AI-powered insights per topic

Investigate customer feedback further to optimize problem-solving. Our AI-powered insights help you localize the root cause so you can tackle problems with ease and precision.

Optimize your working budget
Act fast
Tailor solutions
Detailed insights on how channels and departments are performing
Real-time detection of negative customer experience

Real-time detection of negative customer experience

Don’t miss out on urgent trends by getting lost in large volumes of feedback. From thousands of feedback entries, we automatically detect friction and discontent in your processes, people performance, or product. 

Actionable insights in seconds
Focus on what's urgent to defend your market position
Intervene before it's too late
Get notified of negative feedback about your most important assets in real time

Prioritize actions and bring awareness

We analyze and highlight what's relevant, what's urgent, and what should be your next priority, to defend your market position and avoid churn. Share insights with other teams with easy-to-understand data visualizations.

Impact the bottom line
Tackle the cost indecision
Prove the ROI of CX

Get back to your customers and exceed their expectations

Companies that follow up on feedback on both customer and management levels decrease their churn by a minimum of 2.3% per year and up their revenue by 11%. Thank your customers for their feedback, or react quickly to urgent customer feedback with our Conversation Manager.

Reply, forward, and view the customer's entire feedback history to deliver a personal approach with every interaction.

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Having an all-in-one platform is a huge timesaver. Setting up surveys and analyzing feedback happens quickly and saves us on manual labor.
Ken Van De Steen
Christelijke Mutualiteit
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Thanks to the high feedback response rate of 40% on our Hello Customer surveys, we discovered the true pain points of our customers after only one month.
Matthieu Bonelli
Café Royal
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Hello Customer helps us understand in real time how our customers perceive our company, our stores and the changes we implement along the way.
Guido De Smet
Standaard Boekhandel
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