Create long-lasting value in a hyper-connected world

Whether you're a commercial, corporate or investment bank, your product offering probably doesn't differ much from your competition. So how do set yourself apart to retain your customers? Two words: customer experience. Read here how Hello Customer can help you meet customer expectations and reduce churn.

Feedback Banking

Get personal

Don't guess what your customers want but ask. We help you capture the customer's voice in a relevant matter and by asking for open feedback we go beyond the satisfaction score. Our 2-question surveys have unseen response rates and using your customer's feedback we know exactly where you need to step it up.

Excel as a team

We take customer satisfaction company-wide by analyzing the feedback and making sure it ends up with the right department. Whether it's the information provided in a branch or the usability of your banking app: we deliver specific insights to all teams on how they can improve customer experience in any step of the customer journey.

Whether it's notifications, weekly reports, churn risk alerts or custom dashboards, we have everything you need to engage your entire team.

Banking priorities

Know what to do next

Prioritise your investments and provide your customers with the most effective solutions to help them manage their finances.
Our artificial intelligence analyses all feedback in the right context so it knows that it should be analysed for banking and keeps all aspects of the industry in mind. It does so in any European language at the highest accuracy on the market
Plus, combined with your operational data (what branch, product, customer segment) you'll know exactly what to do to adapt to their needs.

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