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Improving customer experience in banking

Hello Customer for Banks and Financial Companies

Customers expect seamless and effortless experiences anywhere. Their expectations for banks aren't any different. Use Hello Customer to understand your customers' needs online and in-branch, build a seamless experience across the customer journey, and grow your market share by knowing which extra services to add.

We help banks drive revenue through customer feedback

Provide effortless online transactions

Customers want to transact quickly, easily, anywhere, and anytime. We help you understand what customers expect from your online services, and where you can remove friction from the customer journey.

Capitalize on the strength of your branches

Important financial decisions are still made in a branch. Streamline your face-to-face interactions to build trust, and enable potential upselling or cross-selling to existing customers.

Stay competitive in a fast-moving environment

The banking sector has gone through a big digital evolution. Retain your market share and learn through customer feedback how you can compete with emerging banks and what sets you apart from competitors.

Strengthen your customer service channels

Customers leave banks because of poor service. Answer your customers' questions via their preferred channel, and focus on retaining your customers, instead of replacing them.

You're in good company

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 cost effective channel mix for banks

Provide effortless online transactions

Customers expect their banks to offer seamless and effortless online transactions so they can easily manage their finances when and where they want. Whether it's opening an account or making payments, convenience and ease of use are key. 

Gathering customer feedback at these self-service touchpoints, either in-browser or in-app, helps you figure out where friction is still taking place, how you can make online banking even more convenient and user-friendly, and which online services your customers are still missing

 banks build trustability

Capitalize on the strength of your branches

Most bank interactions take place in the online world, but your in-branch experience remains extremely valuable. For some important financial decisions, like buying a house, customers still want a face-to-face interaction, which allows them to get all the necessary information upfront and leaves room for questions

Capture open-ended feedback about the experience in your branches and:

  • Rest assured that your representatives offer the right amount of assistance
  • Ensure that their expertise and knowledge stay up to par and provide targeted coaching where necessary
  • Build trust and long-term relationships to enable future upselling to existing customers

Learn how BinckBank removed friction in the transition to Saxobank

"We really wanted to understand how our customers experienced the change to Saxobank. Based on the insights from Hello Customer, we actively adjusted our communication along the way to make the process as seamless as possible."

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key driver analysis

Stay competitive in a fast-moving environment

The financial scene is changing rapidly with new players emerging left, right and center. To retain your market share, it's crucial that you know why clients stay, leave, or which extra financial services you can add.

Our AI analysis ISAAC analyzes and categorizes all open feedback for you so you quickly understand your customers' needs. Prioritize improvements to your services and products to increase retention. Equally, understand what customers appreciate about your brand and what drives satisfaction so you can promote your strengths.

How we help you achieve your goals

depth of analysis

Depth of analysis

Our AI analysis reaches an industry-leading accuracy so you can make changes with confidence.
speed to value

Speed to value

Intuitive configuration and fast no-code implementation so you can collect feedback from the get-go with immediate qualitative insights.
built around your business

Built around your business

Set up teams that reflect the structure of your organization, measure your most meaningful touchpoints, and personalize dashboards and insights for different user levels.
strengthen customer service

Strengthen your customer service channels

In an industry built on trust, service is a crucial differentiator. Your customer service agents are expected to exceed customer expectations, yet they often end up in the line of fire when back-end processes aren't aligned.

Hello Customer enables you to detect friction in your internal processes and helps you prioritize improvements to remove the load on your support agents. At the same time, measure the ease and accessibility of your support channels and provide your agents access to customer feedback history so they can tailor the experience and offer effective solutions.