Customer Feedback Management for Banks and Financial Companies

How we help banks drive revenue using customer feedback

Create a cost-effective channel mix

We enable banks to decide how branches and digital services complement each other in the customer experience.

Build trust in face-to-face interactions

Important financial decisions are still made in a branch. Customer feedback helps you capitalize on this moment-of-truth.

Stay competitive in a fast-moving environment

Retain your market share and learn through customer feedback how you can compete with emerging banks.
 cost effective channel mix for banks

Create a cost-effective channel mix

Many banks face the challenge of having to reduce costs while maximizing customer experience.

Gathering customer feedback from both in-person and self-service touchpoints helps you figure out where human interaction still adds value and where customers want the convenience of self-service.

We enable you to centralize feedback so you see the bigger picture across the customer journey.

How we help you improve your digital service delivery
 banks build trustability

Build trust in face-to-face interactions

While most daily bank interactions take place in the online world, for some of the most important decisions in our life, like buying a house, customers still want face-to-face interaction with an agent.

As a real moment of truth, you want to capture feedback so the entire experience is top-notch and you can rest assured that your teams offer the right amount of assistance, have the expertise, and can bring the information so the customer understands.

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banks remain competitive

Stay competitive in a fast-moving environment

The financial scene is changing rapidly with new players emerging left, right and center. To retain your market share, it's crucial that you know why clients stay, leave, or add extra services. 

Via our open text analysis, we scan all feedback and highlight why customers love you (or not!). No more reading through open feedback. Work efficiently and solve friction effectively.

How we help you find the root-cause of customer dissatisfaction

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