Part of your ecosystem

Customer feedback should live all over the company, not just in our platform. Here's how we connect to your existing systems: 


Connect and trigger

You'll need a trigger that fires off a survey. This is an action in your CRM (Salesforce, Selligent, Microsoft Dynamics,..) that indicates a customer interaction. This could be a purchase, a closed ticket, or a webinar attendance, you name it. 

For customer service cases you can easily connect with ticketing systems like Zendesk and Freshdesk to launch a survey when you close a ticket.

Attendees of one-off initiatives like events can be uploaded via Excel or a .csv file. 


Learn more about metadata 
Hello Customer API safety

Fast and Secure

Data should transfer from one party to another in the safest way possible. To make the connection, we have API, FTPs, and sFTP connections available. 

Our API connector in the platform allows you to set permissions per touchpoint and filter the data that can travel to a third party. 

We ISO 27001 certified so we always keep security top of mind. 


Link with business metrics

Give the customer a seat at the management table and drive business decisions based on customer feedback.

Connect Hello Customer to PowerBi or Tableau and visualize the effects of your CX efforts on revenue and other crucial business KPI's. All our data is available to you, so the sky is the limit.