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Part of your existing
customer data ecosystem

Seamlessly connect Hello Customer to your internal data platforms
and maximize the results of your customer experience projects.

hello customer native salesforce connection

A native connection to Salesforce

Our plug-and-play connection with Salesforce allows you to automatically trigger surveys based on actions in Salesforce. Once you've collected feedback, you can pull it back to the account page, both Sales and Service cloud. Build a feedback history per customer so anyone on your team can deliver a personal experience. 

We connect with any CRM via our open API but for Salesforce we did the heavy lifting for you so there's no additional development work. 

Centralize feedback & operational data

Connect without coding via Zapier or our Snowflake connector

We get it. Sometimes you're looking for an easy way to exchange data between existing customer platforms to win time and make reporting easier. Connect with Hello Customer on Zapier to send surveys when a certain action is triggered, or to connect customer feedback from other tools into the Hello Customer analysis. 

With our Snowflake connector, you can easily hook up Hello Customer to your existing systems and delve into all your data to build your own reporting that's easy to share internally with your teams or C-level.


Measure your digital experiences

To help you understand user behavior online, you can set up a website or in-app touchpoint in the Hello Customer platform. Or use Google Tag Manager to fire a survey when customers visit a page, fill in a form, or when they have reached a certain scroll depth on an online page.

If you've already deployed other platforms like Hotjar and Usabilla to track customer behavior within your web environment, you can seamlessly connect feedback from these tools with Hello Customer and enjoy our world-class text analysis on the open feedback.

hello customer connect with zendesk freshdesk

Close the loop via your ticketing system of choice

When negative feedback comes in and requires follow-up by your teams, you can easily integrate with your existing ticketing tools via open API. Or push back status updates to the Hello Customer platform. 

Centralize feedback & operational data

Use our AI text analysis on your existing survey tools

It's not uncommon that multiple survey tools are deployed within a large organization. However, when the number of respondents adds up, it becomes time-consuming to read and objectively analyze open feedback.

Use our API to automatically add answers from survey tools to Hello Customer and enjoy our world-class AI open text analysis.