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Empower your service agents to optimize your customer service desk

Discover how customer feedback helps you improve customer service performance.

empower customer service agents

Power to the agents

Customer service is often the department that gets looked at first when customers are unhappy. However, not all bad experiences with your company are to blame on customer service. Your agents are at the frontline of customer issues and complaints, but they don't always have the power to fix them.

As a company you need to find out where the root cause of customer complaints lie if you want to optimize customer service in a structured way.

customer feedback find issues in other departments

Feedback to trace back issues

Customer service can be a catalyst for business growth if you have a structured way of processing feedback in this department. Capturing feedback after a customer service interaction helps you solve different pains: 

  • Why is the number of complaints about our product increasing? 
  • Why is it so hard for agents to solve issues on first call? 
  • How can we decrease employee turnover?
grow revenue by improving customer service experiences

People, product or process issue?

Typically the root cause of customer unhappiness can be brought back to three main business pillars: your people, your product or service, and your processes.

We designed the Hello Customer platform to recognize feedback about these business drivers in real time. This way, feedback enables you to understand where customer service can have an impact, or how you can enable them to perform better.

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Get actionable insights about

Agent coaching

How you can coach your agents to deliver a better experience when a customer reaches out?

Employee engagement

What your agents are doing well, and use that feedback to motivate them.

Complaint resolution

How easy it is for a customer to get their issue solved in a valuable and quick way, and why?

Back-end processes

Are there issues in back-office operations like billing? Agents can't solve this on the spot, but you can pass the feedback to the right team.
take action based on customer feedback

Act for business impact

Capturing feedback is nice, but to optimize your service desk you need to act based on the insights. For that, you need a customer feedback platform that brings you from feedback to relevant insights in an instant.

Once you understand where customer complaints actually come from, you can work on fixing processes or coaching your teams for a better experience. Ultimately, you'll decrease costs by improving the efficiency of your service desk.

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