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Customer segmentation for
deeper insights

Segment your customers using your own metrics with our flexible solution for adding and aggregating operational, socio-demographic and product data with your feedback.

How you can unlock the power of your data

Add any additional data

Add data to segment feedback insights based on demographics, transactional information, product data, customer data etc.

Automatic aggegration

Simply provide your data in the integration. Our platform will automatically merge captured feedback with your data sources.

Limitless filters and segmentation

Deepen your feedback insights by filtering and comparing different customer segments, product groups, locations etc.
SMAF (overview)

Adding and mapping your data

Additional data provides context to received feedback. More context means more actionability. Enrich the platform with customer data, location data, product data, or transactional data to better understand given feedback in a certain context and to know exactly where to act.

Our data mapper is easy-to-use and offers data type detection so feedback insights are consistent across the customer journey. 

Centralize feedback & operational data

Automatic data aggregation

Feedback will automatically be linked back to the right data based on a one-time easy setup. Merging operational data with feedback insights is one of the hardest things to do. At Hello Customer we built an easy-to-use solution that continuously runs in the background. This allows for real-time filtering and segmentation.


Get more insights out of your data with smart filters

You can only improve customer experience if you have access to business-critical insights that allow you to prioritize actions. With smart filters, you can dive deeper into your feedback insights.

Detect trends over certain periods of time and understand differences between customer segments to make relevant changes in the customer journey without losing time and resources trying to fix things that aren't broken.