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Whether you're providing staffing services, newspaper subscriptions or gym memberships, customer churn is a key metric for your business.  Any service that works with recurring contracts needs to focus on their customers and make them see tangible ROI from your partnership. Here's how Hello Customer can help you make a difference: 

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Capture the customer's voice

Don't guess what customers want but ask. 

Here's our not-so-secret success formula: 1 metric question + 1 open question = amazing response rates (+20%) and tons of relevant feedback. 

Pick your channel (email, SMS, in-app, website, Messenger..), launch your survey and you'll have answers flooding in, in no-time. 

Excel as a team

We take feedback company-wide, making sure it ends up right where it should be. Every team receives relevant insights whether it’s a branch or the UX team of the app.  

With notifications, weekly reports, churn alerts, or dashboards, we have everything you need to engage your entire team.

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Prioritise your investments

Create services and support your customers will love, based on their feedback. 

Our Artificial Intelligence analyses all responses in any European language at the highest accuracy on the market. Take action on customer insights, and always be one step ahead of the competition. 


Check out our case study with Securitas

Securitas has been a customer since 2019, saw an open feedback rate of 58% and are using Hello Customer to transform to 'Security as a Service'.

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