The smartest way to retain customers in a fiercely competitive industry

Until recently, utility providers didn't have to bother about customer experience because customers often didn't have a choice of which utility company to use. With electricity, gas and even water markets open for competition,  customers won't hesitate to switch provider when a better alternative is available to them. Here's how Hello Customer can help you improve customer experience to build loyalty.

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Don't waste energy guessing

Don't guess what your customers want but ask. We help you capture the customer's voice in a relevant matter, and by asking for open feedback we go beyond the satisfaction score. Our 2-question surveys have unseen response rates and using your customer's feedback we know exactly where you need to step it up.

Bring the human touch

Hello Customer enables you to walk the fine line between going digital and keeping it human. Listen to your customers across multiple touchpoints in their journey and we'll alert you if there's anything that needs your immediate attention. With alerts, churn risk detection and our Conversation Manager you'll have everything you need to follow up personally on negative feedback.

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Know what to do next

 As a utility provider, you want to get the basics right, but to retain your customers you need to know how you can add value and convenience along the customer journey.
Our artificial intelligence analyses all feedback in the right context so it knows that it should be analysed for utility companies and keeps all aspects of the industry in mind. 
Plus, combined with your operational data (what product, customer segment, city) you'll know exactly what to do to adapt to your customer's needs and how to prioritize your investments.

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