Build the networks of tomorrow, retain your customers today

People are always connected so they set high standards for their telecom providers. With rising expectations, new industry trends (streaming services, anyone?) and fierce competition business can't afford ignore their customers. Let's see what Hello Customer can do for you.

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Make the difference with a human approach

Don't be a distant provider but get close and personal with your customers by listening to them in every step of their journey. By asking for open feedback we go beyond the satisfaction score.

Our 2-question surveys have unseen response rates and using your customer's feedback we know exactly where you need to step it up.

Transform as a team

We take customer satisfaction company-wide by analyzing the feedback and making sure it ends up with the right department.

Everyone contributes to growth by collaborating  so we provide them with the golden insights to do so.

Whether it's notifications, weekly reports or custom dashboards, we have everything you need to engage your employees. 

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Know what to do next

Create digital products and services that help your customers change their lives for the better using our AI.

Our artificial intelligence analyses all feedback in the right context so it knows that it should be analysed for telco companies and keeps all aspects of the industry in mind. It does so in all European languages and at the highest accuracy in the market. 

Plus, combined with your operational data (what branch, product, customer segment) you'll know exactly what to do to adapt to their needs.

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