Customer Feedback Management for
Telco Companies

How we help telco companies drive revenue using feedback

Optimize omnichannel experiences

Deliver great customer experience both online and offline.

Discover what converts

Evaluate campaigns and know exactly what makes customers buy, stay or leave.

Empower customer support teams

Remove friction from back-end processes, deliver personal coaching and let your team shine.

Finetune self-service platforms

Combine technical feedback with open customer feedback so you can successfully tweak online experiences.
Hello Customer customer journey touchpoints

Optimize omnichannel experiences

Customers want consistent experiences, whether they get in touch via your website, chat, in-store, or by phone. Moving the conversation from one channel to another should be painless and easy.

We help you capture feedback in all those channels and offer you a full customer journey overview by centralizing all the feedback in Hello Customer.

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Hello Customer success discovery funnel

Discover what converts

Knowing why customers buy, leave or stay is crucial in a highly competitive market.

Try-and-buy campaigns are a much-favored conversion tool but knowing exactly what makes a customer convert is key to replicate your success. 

Why feedback on your offering matters
reducing churn through customer support

Empower customer support teams

Contact centers play a critical role in the overall customer experience. Agents are expected to exceed the customer expectations, yet they often end up in the line of fire when back-end processes aren't aligned.

Hello Customer enables you to remove friction from your internal processes and helps you build employee engagement, especially in your frontline teams.

Our customer support use-case
fintetune self-service platforms

Finetune self-service platforms

Customers want speed and convenience. Your self-service platforms are crucial when it comes to meeting their expectations.

Hello Customer can help you capture open online feedback or you can unleash the power of our open text analysis on the feedback captured by specialized tools like Hotjar and Usabilla.

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