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Improving customer experience in telecommunications

Hello Customer for Telecommunications

Telco companies must prioritize customer experience and understand how to differentiate themselves in a highly competitive market to boost revenue. Meet customer needs online and offline to offer a seamless experience and increase retention rates thanks to flawless service.

We help telcos drive revenue through customer feedback

Differentiate yourself from competitors

Understand your customers' needs and learn what drives satisfaction to set yourself apart in a highly competitive environment.

Optimize the omnichannel experience

Enable your customers to communicate via their preferred channel and to purchase services and products seamlessly both online or in-store.

Battle churn in real time and increase retention

Measure customer satisfaction on a transactional basis. Combine CSAT and CES with open feedback to pick up on churn alerts and trends and act before it's too late.

Empower customer support representatives

Measure the ease of your support channels and provide your agents access to the customer feedback history so they can tailor the experience and offer effective solutions.

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key driver analysis

Differentiate yourself from competitors

Knowing why customers buy, leave or stay is crucial in a highly competitive market. Capture customer feedback to understand your customers' needs and prioritize improvements to your services and products to increase retention.

Equally, understand what customers appreciate about your brand and what drives satisfaction so you can promote your strengths and boost additional sales.

Hello Customer customer journey touchpoints

Optimize omnichannel experiences

Customers have gotten used to new, seamless ways of being serviced. Moving a conversation from one channel to another should be painless and easy. So, it's crucial to ensure your customer experience is consistent, whether customers get in touch via your website, chat, in-store, or by phone. 

We help you capture and centralize feedback from all those channels to monitor customer needs and expectations constantly, so you can provide best-in-class services. Or unleash the power of our AI-driven text analysis on the feedback captured by specialized tools like Hotjar and Usabilla.

Discover how Café Royal optimizes its online customer journey

To evaluate the performance of our webshop, we use Hello Customer to capture feedback at different stages of the online customer journey. This helps us to guarantee a qualitative customer experience at each interaction point."

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pick up on churn risks

Battle churn in real time and increase retention

Churn rates in telecommunications can reach up to 30%. Capture customer feedback on a regular basis to measure changes in customer satisfaction and pick up on emerging trends so you can act before it's too late.

Hello Customer provides a specific churn category that groups all customers asking for urgent support, or that mention a competitor. Dispatch these feedbacks and insights to your customer support teams, so they can win back customers one by one.

How we help you achieve your goals

depth of analysis

Depth of analysis

Our AI analysis reaches an industry-leading accuracy so you can make changes with confidence.
speed to value

Speed to value

Intuitive configuration and fast no-code implementation so you can collect feedback from the get-go with immediate qualitative insights.
built around your business

Built around your business

Set up teams that reflect the structure of your organization, measure your most meaningful touchpoints, and personalize dashboards and insights for different user levels.
reducing churn through customer support

Empower your customer support representatives

Customer service teams play a critical role in the overall customer experience. Agents are expected to exceed customer expectations, yet they often end up in the line of fire when back-end processes aren't aligned.

Hello Customer enables you to detect friction in your internal processes and helps you prioritize improvements to remove the load on your support agents. At the same time, measure the ease of your support channels and provide your agents access to customer feedback history so they can tailor the experience and offer effective solutions.