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Improving customer experience in insurance

Hello Customer for Insurance

Maintain healthy relationships with your customers, agents, and brokers by understanding their needs. Offer personalized and frictionless experiences at each step of the customer journey to build trust.

We help insurers drive revenue through customer feedback

Improve self-service and digital channels

Use feedback to understand if your digital and self-service channels match your customers' needs.

Leverage the power of your agents and brokers

Support your agents and brokers with insights to improve their expertise and strengthen the personal approach with customers to increase sales.

Deliver personalized experiences

Use the customer feedback history and deliver personal experiences anywhere, anyway, anytime to build trust and increase retention over time.

Remove friction from the customer journey

Customers are used to seamless experiences. Remove the pain points from your operations to manage overlapping processes and communicate seamlessly across channels.

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improve self-service and digital channels

Improve self-service and digital channels

Modern insurers cater to their customers' needs via various platforms. Whether it's easy research into insurance policies, reaching customer service, or purchasing insurance products via self-service, customers expect to be able to use their preferred channel.

Asking for feedback at all these touchpoints enables you to see if your online service offers the same added value as your face-to-face contacts. Centralizing these touchpoints is the perfect way to level up your digital channels.

insurance enables brokers to add value

Leverage the power of your agents and brokers

Even in a digital world, brokers and agents still make a difference when you leverage their strengths: their expertise, personal approach to the customer, and their wide offering and products. On top, your brokers influence a customer's decision to purchase your products, or not. 

Asking for feedback after face-to-face appointments helps you to check if the agents' expertise is still up to par and how you can train and support your brokers and agents even better to increase sales and build successful relationships.

Discover how Baloise Insurance prioritizes actions per segment

"Hello Customer quickly shows us which issues are crucial for different customer segments and what we should focus on, supported by numbers. Allowing us to base recommendations for improvements on objective customer data."

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integrate data from your crm systems

Deliver personalized experiences to build trust

According to a 2015 report from McKinsey, "Insurers that offer superior customer service beat their peers in terms of profitability". Personalizing the customer experience to improve your service gives you a big competitive advantage and helps build long-term relationships. 

Hello Customer easily integrates with your CRM. This way you can link customer data to feedback responses and the other way around, pull feedback back to the CRM. Build an entire customer feedback history, get to know your clients, and deliver a personal approach at every point of the customer journey.

How we help you deliver

depth of analysis

Depth of analysis

Our AI analysis reaches an industry-leading accuracy so you can make changes with confidence.

Speed to value

Intuitive configuration and fast no-code implementation so you can collect feedback from the get-go with immediate qualitative insights.
built around your business

Built around your business

Set up teams that reflect the structure of your organization, measure your most meaningful touchpoints, and personalize dashboards and insights for different user levels.
Hello Customer removes friction

Remove friction from internal processes

Successful insurance companies thrive on operational excellence and found a way to integrate systems and platforms. Allowing them to effectively manage the overlapping processes ranging from underwriting to claim reimbursement, and to communicate seamlessly across channels.

With Hello Customer you can detect where inefficient back-end processes hurt the customer. We help you localize the root cause of customer issues and prioritize improvements so you can offer a frictionless experience.