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At Hello Customer we believe in the importance of customer feedback as a driver for organisational change. We are an enterprise (customer) feedback platform, from conversational surveying over revolutionary text analytics to the crucial tools to close the loop. We’re just a lot smarter than most.

NPS, CES or CSAT, followed by open feedback.
Be amazed by what we do with it.

From survey to conversation

Our revolutionary Artifical Intelligence ensures that each and every individual customer story reaches an employee, making it possible for them to engage in real time with their customers, and to act as quickly as possible. It's more than gathering feedback, it's starting a conversation.


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From feedback to impact

Unlike most feedback programmes our AI does not use feedback to supply bulk insights. Even better, we promise:

  • Highly detailed predictions for every individual item of collected feedback
  • A 90 to 95% accuracy rate
  • An engine trained in all 24 official EU languages

From impact to culture

Hello Customer will help you engage your employees to establish customer culture from within. Getting employees hooked on feedback is worth the effort and increases revenue. That we can guarantee.

With our AI you will be able to relate customer feedback to existing business metrics. Track statistics in real-time department rankings and maintain oversight via custom reports. Manage coaching budgets, find new business opportunities, prioritize issues and fixes. And most importantly, be amazed by what is already doing well.


From culture to engagement

Listen to your customers. Act on their feedback. Strategize to their benefit. Offer the experience they expect. This will not only profit your enterprise. You will engage customers to become loyal brand ambassadors, who keep coming back and spend more. 

Thanks to our AI, a one-on-one basis with customers is easy to maintain. In short, Hello Customer guarantees that we are the programme you want if you are looking to act and make an impact.

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It's all about impact and actionability. Find out how!

Our impact
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AXA Bank Hello Customer
  • "Hello Customer is a very innovative tool that helps us identify ambassador customers. It's a great coaching tool for our banking agents and it boosts our business by helping us continuously learn and improve!"

    Kris Jonckheere, Head of Strategic Marketing, AXA Bank

    AXA Bank Hello Customer
  • "There is nothing more gratifying to a shop assistant than hearing customers say they've been helped in a very friendly way."

    Katrien De Cannière, Marketing Manager, e5

    e5 fashion retail Hello Customer
  • "Hello Customer succeeds in confronting organisations with the feedback of their customers and in helping to motivate their staff to take action. The actionability is crucial. Measuring alone isn't enough. Stimulating customer-centric behaviour is the ultimate goal."

    Steven Van Belleghem, Partner, nexxworks

    nexxworks hello customer
  • “Implementing Hello Customer means that you actually help your staff develop a customer-centric attitude, every single day by bringing the voice of the customer into the organisation. If you don’t know what your customer experiences, you can’t act accordingly. Hello Customer will tell you.”

    Nele Aendekerk, Director, Customer Connection, Securex

  • "Organisations have to put their customers in the centre of their universe. Not by choice, but because we live in the age of the customer. To succeed, nexxworks urges companies to dare develop and use new KPIs which are determined by the customer. Hello Customer helps them with this."

    Rik Vera, CEO, nexxworks