We are building the technology to leapfrog satisfaction scores

Draw a bold line from Customer Experience to Growth with our AI-powered CX-platform. We help you collect and convert unstructured open feedback into powerful insights across the business.

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Technology that puts Customer Experience into practice

Through real-time feedback, Hello Customer enables companies to truly understand what drives their customers and employees. With a 95% accuracy rate, our AI engine delivers actionable insights at all levels of the business, so you can optimise processes for better experiences at a lower cost.

Why you need us

The Hello Customer approach

From the moment you start collecting feedback, we show you what your customers really expect so you can take informed decisions on investment priorities. Keep the loop going by continuously measuring taken actions and improve Customer Experience in a targeted way.

The proof is in the pudding!

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Hello Customer makes it possible to follow-up closely on the 1:1 relationship with our customers.
An De Mulder
Business Unit Director Qualiphar
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Hello Customer is more than just another NPS tool, it's a barometer for the performance of your organisation.
Sabine Vanderveken
Marketing Director Lunch Garden
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With Hello Customer we can focus more on customer needs and it helps us strengthen our customer-centric approach.
Bart Vanhaelen
Marketing & CX Federale Verzekering
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