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Customer Centricity starts with your employees

  • Easy-to-use software to turn customer feedback into culture change and genuine enthusiasm from all of your employees, from the CEO to the frontline.
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Hello Customer dashboard
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How we help you achieve a customer-centric culture

Customer centricity journey
Customer feedback

Ask customers real-time feedback

Probably the most valuable customer data you'll ever gather, pure and genuine open feedback, every day within or after an interaction, disguised as a NPS, CES or CSAT question.

Leverage feedback to employees

Let the feedback flow into your organisation, all the way to the employee that benefits from it the most. Allow your staff to follow up immediately and personally.

Gain insights with Artificial Intelligence

Don't think you should manage this process completely manually. Let technology help you foster engagement by creating the right feedback flows and making sense of that feedback.

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Customer Centricity Cookbook

All ingredients you need to become a customer centric organisation

The customer centricity technology you've been waiting for

Real-time customer feedback

Feedback Engine

Capture feedback every day


Our feedback engine focuses on getting real-time open feedback from your customers. Real customer thoughts, gathered through email, purchase tickets, your own customer software, your website...

Our engine will present questions like conversations. People love conversations. We see participation rates between 65% and 92% on the open feedback question.


Conversation Manager

Connect staff with customers


Get all of your teams on board and enable them to listen to your customer so your people can learn what they do right and are able to make right what they possibly did wrong.

With our advanced user management you can assign roles to your employees. With the right role they can answer customers and follow up their cases, or they can loop a colleague into a conversation to create even more engagement.


Artificial Intelligence, insights, text analytics

Insights by ISAAC 

Industry Specific Analysis and Categorisation


ISAAC is our proprietary Artificial Intelligence engine. It doesn't just analyse text, it interprets and categorises feedback. Its interpretation is translated into sentiment. It knows your industry, which results in an unparallelled 93% accuracy.

ISAAC also helps you dispatch feedback to the right person, and creates easy to understand reports and insights from the open feedback and customer data.



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AXA Bank Hello Customer
  • "Hello Customer is a very innovative tool that helps us identify ambassador customers. It's a great coaching tool for our banking agents and it boosts our business by helping us continuously learn and improve!"

    Kris Jonckheere, Head of Strategic Marketing, AXA Bank

    AXA Bank Hello Customer
  • "There is nothing more gratifying to a shop assistant than hearing customers say they've been helped in a very friendly way."

    Katrien De Cannière, Marketing Manager, e5

    e5 fashion retail Hello Customer
  • "Hello Customer succeeds in confronting organisations with the feedback of their customers and in helping to motivate their staff to take action. The actionability is crucial. Measuring alone isn't enough. Stimulating customer-centric behaviour is the ultimate goal."

    Steven Van Belleghem, Partner, nexxworks

    nexxworks hello customer
  • “Implementing Hello Customer means that you actually help your staff develop a customer-centric attitude, every single day by bringing the voice of the customer into the organisation. If you don’t know what your customer experiences, you can’t act accordingly. Hello Customer will tell you.”

    Nele Aendekerk, Director, Customer Connection, Securex

  • "Organisations have to put their customers in the centre of their universe. Not by choice, but because we live in the age of the customer. To succeed, nexxworks urges companies to dare develop and use new KPIs which are determined by the customer. Hello Customer helps them with this."

    Rik Vera, CEO, nexxworks