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by understanding exactly what process, performance or product to optimize.

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centralized feedback

Centralized feedback

Capture feedback across the customer journey, but keep all input in one central place. We consolidate all feedback so you can get to insights three times faster.
feedback signals

Feedback signals

We help you focus on the feedback that matters. We analyze and highlight what's relevant, what's urgent and what should be your next priority.
root-cause analysis

Root-cause analysis

We help you pinpoint the root cause of a problem instantly, so you can shift your resources from searching the problem, to fixing it.
action encouragement

Action encouragements

If you don't act, nothing will change. We're here to help both on a day-to-day basis as on a strategic level to get the most out of your insights.

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hello customer revenue through customer feedback

Closing the gap between customer needs and business goals

All companies want to drive revenue, but that's difficult if you don't understand what customers need and expect. Customer feedback gives you insight into three important business pillars. Do you have the right processes in place? Do your people have the right support and tools to service the customer? And does your product or service meet market needs?

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Why we are different

depth of analysis

Depth of analysis

To make confident decisions, you need accurate insights. We made our AI our main focus so you can take targeted action in no time.
time to value

Time to value

Lightweight and easy technical implementation so you can collect feedback from the get-go, without compromising on quality.
business impact

Designed for business impact

We're not just a survey tool. Our platform is built to give you those insights to create value, and to close the gap between customer needs and business goals.

The proof is in the pudding 👉

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Hello Customer helps us to strengthen our position as a market leader through customer feedback.
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The Hello Customer platform shows us in real-time which issues are considered important by our customers.
Gert Vanuytsel
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