The end-to-end solution to
deliver on customer expectations

The most complete customer feedback and insights platform to optimise your retention rates. 

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How it works
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Reduce churn by 3% by knowing what your customers want every single day

Through real-time feedback, Hello Customer enables companies to truly understand what drives their customers and employees. With a 95% accuracy rate, our AI engine delivers actionable insights across the entire customer journey, so you know exactly what to do next to prevent your customers from leaving.

Our mission

The Hello Customer approach

From the moment you start collecting feedback, we show you what your customers really expect so you can make informed decisions on investment priorities. Keep the loop going by continuously measuring taken actions and improve retention in a targeted way.

The proof is in the pudding!

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After only one month of collecting open feedback, we discovered quick wins that were translated into projects with a positive effect on CX.
Matthieu Bonelli
Café Royal
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Hello Customer helps us to strengthen our position as a market leader through customer feedback.
Anne Caremans
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The Hello Customer platform shows us in real-time which issues are considered important by our customers.
Gert Vanuytsel
Baloise Insurance
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