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With Customer Feedback to a Customer Centric Culture

  • The world's first intelligent CX solution that results in impact
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Traditional survey or feedback platforms focus on numbers and reports. Hello Customer is an enterprise scale solution that focuses on creating impact, big and small, everyday. We allow you to collect feedback from customers and employees at every chance you get. Our AI makes sure that each opinion is turned into a moment of action or impact..

NPS, CES or CSAT, followed by open feedback. Be amazed what we do with it.

How feedback and conversation create a CX driven company culture

Customer centricity journey
Customer feedback

Ask feedback at the right time in the right place

Grab every opportunity to collect honest feedback from customers and employees.

Turn feedback into an impact opportunity

Each feedback is relevant to at least one person in your organisation. Leverage as much as possible and allow interaction to flow.

Get the insights you really need

Metrics are good. Turning customer feedback into measurement even better. It's the most honest metric you'll ever have.

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The right measure / feedback question at the right moment

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Highly accurate and ground-breaking artificial intelligence under the hood


Categorisation & Sentiment

It's not easy finding trends in large volumes of open feedback. ISAAC automatically categorises and subcategorises all feedback, while predicting positive or negative sentiment.


The right feedback for the right employee

Don't sit on that pile of gold. Share feedback as wide as possible, both positive and negative with the right person to increase the level of impact.


Automated Chat

Are you looking for a way to ask your customers RELEVANT questions without being pushy or annoying? Meet ISAAC Chat, a smart bot that asks the right question based on your customer's feedback.

Join 100+ organisations that use Hello Customer

It's not just technology. It's organisational change.

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AXA Bank Hello Customer
  • "Hello Customer is a very innovative tool that helps us identify ambassador customers. It's a great coaching tool for our banking agents and it boosts our business by helping us continuously learn and improve!"

    Kris Jonckheere, Head of Strategic Marketing, AXA Bank

    AXA Bank Hello Customer
  • "There is nothing more gratifying to a shop assistant than hearing customers say they've been helped in a very friendly way."

    Katrien De Cannière, Marketing Manager, e5

    e5 fashion retail Hello Customer
  • "Hello Customer succeeds in confronting organisations with the feedback of their customers and in helping to motivate their staff to take action. The actionability is crucial. Measuring alone isn't enough. Stimulating customer-centric behaviour is the ultimate goal."

    Steven Van Belleghem, Partner, nexxworks

    nexxworks hello customer
  • “Implementing Hello Customer means that you actually help your staff develop a customer-centric attitude, every single day by bringing the voice of the customer into the organisation. If you don’t know what your customer experiences, you can’t act accordingly. Hello Customer will tell you.”

    Nele Aendekerk, Director, Customer Connection, Securex

  • "Organisations have to put their customers in the centre of their universe. Not by choice, but because we live in the age of the customer. To succeed, nexxworks urges companies to dare develop and use new KPIs which are determined by the customer. Hello Customer helps them with this."

    Rik Vera, CEO, nexxworks