hello customer why you need us

Why you need us

Customer Experience is a combination of business strategy and operations, set up from a customer’s point of view. It’s the right product, delivered to the customer in the right way, supported by the right service, at the right time.

How can companies know whether they’re doing the right thing for their customer?

Easy, they ask for feedback and act on it.

hello customer nps and open feedback
hello customer nps and open feedback
hello customer nps and open feedback
hello customer nps and open feedback

NPS is dead, long live NPS

For 25 years, companies have been using NPS to gauge customer experience. NPS is a great tool and produces scores and tons of open feedback. Combined with all operational data companies can easily acquire today, they have all the ingredients for the right customer experience. 

Then why hasn't anything really changed?

A score is not enough

A score is good, but it doesn't tell you why customers behave the way they do.

Open feedback is key

You need open feedback, but without the right technology you'll never be able to make true sense of what your customers are telling you. 

Low operational impact

Without the right technology you won't be able to link customer feedback to your operational data, making it hard to pinpoint where investments are needed.

Employee motivation

A score-based KPI system tends to demotivate employees since it doesn't tell them why customers are unhappy with their performance, leaving no chance to learn and improve.

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hello customer make sense of collected data
hello customer 95 percent accuracy
hello customer connect the dots
hello customer engage employees

Hello Customer helps you
put CX into practice

We have the right technology to help you:

Make sense of collected data

Our AI engine makes sense of all the experience data you collect, for example through an NPS survey.

Know what your customers want and expect

Our artificial intelligence analyses all feedback in the right context, in any European language and does so with an accuracy of 95%. You’ll know exactly what your customers want and expect.

How does our A.I. work?

Connect the dots

We connect the dots with your operational data, so you’ll know which processes to optimise and services to adjust.

The value of operational data

Engage your employees

Our platform helps you engage your employees at the same time. By asking for their feedback and sending the right customer feedback and insights to the right team or employee, you make everyone part of creating the right experience.

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How it works

This makes it safe to act upon customer feedback and to operationalise CX.

We'll be there for you

Hello Customer helps you make sense of experience and operational data, leading to actionable insights. By finding out what your customers want, understanding why they leave and measuring taken actions, we can help you make the right decisions.

We've got your back