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Bridging the gap between language and algorithms

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Solving the problem that all CX tools face...

How can mathematical algorithms interpret language and open feedback?

There are so many ways to use AI for text analytics but success depends on finding the right model for your use-case. We've been focused on analysing customer feedback since day 1.

We process open text so granularly you can make real-time, actionable dashboards and at the same time we dispatch the feedback to the right team for follow-up and real-time churn prevention.

hello customer secret sauce text analytics

Our secret sauce for outstanding text analytics

We focus on linguistics, not maths. That's what makes our AI so fast and accurate. Most text analytics tools focus on maths and build algorithms so complex in order to capture all the nuances in language.

Our algorithms do the opposite: we distill language to its essence, so it's easier to work with. This way we create actionable insights for your business in just a few seconds after the feedback comes in.

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What's the result?

An unprecedented accuracy

Feedback has many nuances and elements. Because ISAAC categorises them accordingly, it gives you the right insights for your company. The focus on language gives ISAAC an unparalleled level of accuracy an therefore our analytics, reports & notifications are tools you can strategically rely on.

A true expert in languages

With ISAAC you will get the same awesome results whether you're capturing feedback in English, Spanish or French. We support all EU languages.

ISAAC even understands regional linguistic differences. Dutch in the Netherlands is different than in Belgium, alike with French in France or Switzerland.

Our algorithms are continuously tested to keep the accuracy up-to-standard every single day.

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Combing our vision with NLP best practices

Our unique approach to feedback analysis led us to choose a different path than most text processors. Our engine is based on NLP, but we built an intelligent layer on top of it, so the AI would understand context too. Think of linguistic regional differences, industry terminology, B2B or B2C related feedback.

hello customer community powered text analytics

Community powered text analytics

With Hello Customer, you’re never starting from scratch. Our artificial intelligence is built on years of capturing and analysing feedback from 15 industries and more than 100 companies. This knowledge powers ISAAC, making it smarter than any other text analysis engine. We leverage the knowledge of the community: you put in the data, and ISAAC will take care of the rest.