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Feedback programmes are not just meant for customer insights and trends. They provide you with a unique opportunity to make things right when a customer had a bad experience. You can engage with customers individually to understand exactly what went wrong and do something about it..

Every bit of feedback presents an opportunity to do better

Alert the right person right away


When negative feedback hits the fan, the right person in the organisation needs to be alerted. That doesn't mean that just one person or a team of 'fire fighters' should be appointed.

Allow the problem or issue to be solved exactly where it occurred, be it in your point of sales, on the phone, or online. Not only is it better for customer engagement, it is also beneficial for the employee. Let people learn from their own mistakes to turn something negative into something positive. The outcome will be marvellous: a happy customer and a proud employee. 


A happy customer and a proud employee
Customer having a conversation with a shop she visited

Turn questions into conversations


When you ask your customers for feedback, the polite thing to do is show the courtesy of responding. It is also a wonderful opportunity. Customers are willing to spend time on giving you feedback, and that indicates a certain level of willingness, especially when they are unhappy. It would be a missed opportunity to not take advantage of it.

Ask for more information, apologise, offer a solution. Do it fast, and do it personally.

Engage your happy customers

Don't just focus your efforts on fighting fires. The customers that give you positive feedback deserve your attention too. You wouldn't believe how much they appreciate even a simple but genuine thank you. 

You can take it a step further too and really see their feedback as the start of more conversation and engagement. Because remember that only 30% of your satisfied customers will actually work to promote you. By actively engaging in conversation, you can significantly increase that rate.


Satisfied customers

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