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More engagement, more trust and more loyalty are the answer to saturated markets.

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Many organisations are facing commoditisation. Growing their share through new customer acquisition is hard and expensive. What they often don’t realise, is that there is more and sustainable growth within their existing customer base. More engagement, more trust and more loyalty are the answer to saturated markets..

Customer centricity and focus on customer experience
drive sustainable growth

 Customer centric organisations see spectacular changes in their customers' buying behaviour:


  • Returning customers: up to 75% of their customers return
  • Higher revenue: returning customers purchase and spend more
  • Reduced price sensitivity: returning customers are willing to pay up to 30% more for your products before they switch to a competitor
  • Increased upselling potential
Happy customer and her son
Happy customers in a fashion store

Understand your customers' wants and needs

By really understanding what drives satisfaction and dissatisfaction across your customer base and across the customer journey, you are able to take the right actions. It allows you set priorities in investments and strategic decisions, driven by a customer's perspective.

Understand your customers' wants and needs
Solving customer issues

Solve customer issues


Customers who had a bad experience are not very likely to be loyal. When a competitor comes along with a similar offer, they will be gone. Be on top of your customer touchpoints, so you know exactly when and where something goes wrong, allowing you to intervene and solve the problem immediately. If the issues are handled well, these customers could very well become your best ambassadors.

Engage your happy customers

Customers that give you a high rating are not automatically engaged with your organisation or your brand.

Many studies have concluded that NPS promotors are potential promotors, but only up to 30% of that customer group will actually promote you. We can equally conclude that promotors are not necessarily loyal.

Engage these customers further, so they actually continue to buy with you and recommend you.


Customer rating a store on her smartphone

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