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Which CX projects should retailers prioritize in 2023?

Download our report and receive insights on how to prioritize actions in times of recession, based on feedback insights consolidated from 79 retailers in Europe.

How can retailers adjust their CX strategy in 2023?

Over the past two years, global trends (health, inflation) have led to significant changes in customer behavior. In 2023, consumers will continue to stay mindful of when and how they spend their money.

More than ever, retailers need to understand their customers' needs, identify gaps in their product or service offerings, and adjust their CX strategy accordingly to remain competitive.

In this report, we present: 

✔︎ An AI-driven analysis of 4 million customer feedback verbatims, collected from 79 European retailers

✔︎ Evolution of NPS scores in retail and benchmarks pre-COVID, during COVID, and during inflation

✔︎ Top three overall positive and negative drivers of retail customer experience

✔︎ Insights on how customer priorities have evolved over the past 2 years and how you can adjust your CX strategy accordingly in 2023


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