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Reporting dashboards

All insights are presented in fresh and beautiful dashboards, making it easy to really work with

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Hello Customer dashboard

Fresh and easy dashboard

Focus on what matters

All of our dashboards have been designed to be easy to read and beautiful to look at. Insights should be pleasant, and not give you headaches.

Furthermore, if we want everybody on board, than not only does the platform have to be accessible, but also even more so the information and the insights. They need to be easy to understand from the CEO to the shop floor.

Analysis Features

Point of Sale benchmarking

See how your frontline is doing

You can drill down all feedback and scores up to the level of your point of sales, regions, managers, ... . In the platform you can view this in a (multi-level) ranking month by month.

See evolutions, watch improvements, take a closer look at those that are not performing as well. 

Benchmarking departments
Compare customer groups and other meta data

Comparison Tools

Compare customer groups and other meta data

You can drill down on scores and feedback trends based on your own customer data and other transactional information and information about the context, such as store type, geography, ... .

Apart from drilling down, it's also possible to compare segments and groups with each other. 

If you want to go crazy on number crunching, you can take an export or connect with your own BI tools.

Automated reports

Standardised reports, right in your inbox

All high level insights relevant to various people in the organisation are sent periodically automatically. These easy and short e-mail reports present you with a simplified dashboard, so you can immediately see your key information:

  • Scores of the past period
  • Number of people answered
  • Top feedback trends
  • Benchmark of departments
Automated reports by email

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