What makes us different ?

Ambitious companies need an ambitious platform that captures feedback and transforms it into insights that can help you
meet your business goals

How we stand out compared to other platforms

Depth of analysis

Our industry-leading AI is the most accurate on the market and highlights negative customer experience in a matter of seconds.

Time to value

With our lightweight implementation, you're up and running within a month.

Designed for business impact

We're not just another survey tool. Our purpose is to help you meet your business goals.
depth of feedback analysis

Depth of analysis

Since day 1, our main focus has been to create the most accurate open text AI on the market. Our text analysis is available in any European language, is tailored to multiple industries, and able to detect a wide range of sentiments.

On top of that, we visualize the data so anyone (not just your data scientists) can find the root cause of negative customer experience within minutes.

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time to value feedback platform

Time to value

We rely on a lightweight and easy technical implementation so you can start collecting feedback from the get-go. It only takes 4 weeks to start to go-live and you should have enough feedback to pin-point a root-cause within 2 months.

The more feedback you collect, the faster we can signal friction in your processes, products, or team performance.


customer feedback platform for business impact

Designed for business impact

We're the new kid on the block in the space of customer experience management, however, we are not a "survey tool".

We use surveys as a means to an end. Feedback helps us point out where there's friction in your processes, products, or team performance so you can solve it, meet customer expectations and drive revenue.

We go beyond the feedback analysis and encourage you to take action on the insights.

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Hello Customer implementation roadmap

Here to help you transform

Our customer success team helps you kick-start transformation within your company. Our new consultancy service steps foot in your company and enables you to drive growth by removing friction in your processes, products, or teams.

Other vendors deploy consultant teams from the start, often delaying the project because so many stakeholders are involved. We try to capture feedback as fast as possible and once we know your pain points, we go all-out to help you create change. 

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