Detect negative customer experience in real time

From thousands of feedback entries, we automatically detect
friction in your processes, people performance, or product.

track feedback trends in the heatmap

Anticipate emerging trends

Track topic sentiments and anticipate changing needs and expectations from your customers.

Intervene before negative experiences escalate and track the impact of your actions in the sentiment heatmap.


view your top 10 and bottom 10 categories

Discover your priorities. Capitalize on your strengths.

Discover what should be your focus to have a maximum impact on the customer experience or move beyond the negativity and find out where you excel. We provide the insights you need to minimize your weaknesses and amplify your strengths.

Learn what changes our customers made based on feedback

How feedback signals add value

No manual work

Don't waste your team's resources on reading feedback. We read, analyze and detect negative feedback signals automatically.

Focus on what matters

We cut through irrelevant feedback and highlight what's emerging, what's urgent, and what should be your priority.

Win time. Save customers.

We analyze in real-time so you are aware of any sudden feedback changes. Intervene before it's too late.
we filter out urgent feedback that needs your attention

Act on urgent feedback

We filter out feedback that needs your immediate attention. 

Urgent feedback is defined by the sentiment, whether someone leaves their contact details or when they mention they'll move to a competitor. Drop us the names of your competitors and we customize this category for you.

How we help you take action
our open text analysis on topic and sentiment

Our strength? Your feedback analyzed to perfection

We detect where there's negative feedback in your customer journey in a matter of seconds. 

We're the only platform on the market that provides an open text analysis that guides you towards your pain points without much additional feedback reading. Where others can tell there's something wrong with the product quality, we can add exactly what product is causing the negative trend. 

Learn more about our open text analysis