Insights to action

Once you have data, it's time to make sense of it. Here's how we help you find those golden nuggets you can take action on 


A multi-level breakdown

We capture the open feedback, analyse it, and categorize it to the tiniest detail. ISAAC will show you exactly where customers are unhappy about so you can take action, backed by data. 

We filter the data by business area, specified to your industry, so all departments can collaborate on improving the customer experience. 



Your data + feedback = insights

Upload your operational data (the who, where, what of the interaction) along with the respondents and pinpoint where you need to make improvements. More complaints about delivery times in a specific regio? Time to talk to the logistics manager! 

Filter the feedback on customer service agent, sales assistant, or branch manager and deliver highly tailored feedback and coaching, based on the customer experience. 


Share and benchmark

Keep your team in the loop. With weekly reports, notifications, and churn risk alerts, we have everything to engage your entire team. 

Connect Hello Customer to your CRM and compare feedback data to your financial data, share the latest customer interactions, and deliver a personal approach with every interaction, no matter how large the company is. 

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