Detect negative customer experience in real time

Alert on trends
From thousands of feedback entries, we automatically detect friction and discontent in your processes, people performance, or product. 

The value of alerting on trends

Fight churn in real time

Don't waste your team's resources on finding the most urgent feedback. We centralize the feedback from customers that are about to churn and require urgent follow-up for you.

Focus on the feedback that matters

We cut through irrelevant feedback and highlight what's emerging as a trend, what's urgent, and what should be your priority in terms of action.

Remain aware of changes in customer satisfaction

We analyze your customer feedback in real time, so you always remain aware of any sudden feedback changes and you can intervene before it's too late.
track customer feedback trends

Anticipate emerging trends

Track sentiment about your product, service, personnel, price etc. and anticipate changing needs and expectations from your customers.

Intervene before negative experiences escalate and affect your revenue. Know exactly where to act and track the impact of your actions in the sentiment heatmap.

urgent category feedback

Act before you lose revenue

Get an immediate alert when a customer is about to churn. Our AI filters out the feedback that needs your immediate attention and groups it in the urgent category.  For example by looking at negative sentiment when a customer mentions they'll move to a competitor, or when someone leaves their contact details and requires fast follow-up.

Learn how BinckBank detects friction in the transition to Saxobank

"We really want to understand how our customers experience the change to Saxobank. Based on the insights Hello Customer delivers us, we actively adjust our communication about the transition along the way."

Read the customer case
view your top 10 and bottom 10 categories

Minimize your weaknesses and amplify your strengths

From all your incoming feedback within a touchpoint, we gather your best and worst-performing feedback categories. Our category breakdown shows trends in an easily visualized way so you instantly understand what is going wrong in your customer experience and you can prioritize follow-up actions accordingly.


Set up custom alerts

Personalize your alerts according to your own business drivers. For example, create alerts for customers with a negative satisfaction score, or for feedback talking about specific categories like personnel or product, and send the notification to the right department so they can follow up.