Reporting figures is great.
Taking action is even better.

Many companies make the mistake of capturing feedback without taking proper action.
We have the decision-making tools you need and the right guidance to move forward.

distribute feedback internally with weekly reports

Distribute feedback internally

We have a two-fold approach to dispatching feedback across your organization:

1. Front-line teams receive weekly or monthly reports that focus on the general performance of their store or branch

2. Back-office teams (like the product team) receive regular digests that include feedback mentioning their area of expertise


Why taking action matters

Impact the bottom line

Companies that close the loop on both customer and management levels decrease their churn by a minimum of 2.3% per year and up their revenue by 11%.

Tackle the cost of indecision

There's nothing worse than being in analysis paralysis. Don't pile on operational costs because you're hesitating to move forward.

Prove ROI

Prove your worth as a CX manager by confidently removing friction in the customer experience. No changes, no glory.
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Quantify your gut feeling

Not sure how to move forward? You may have a hypothesis you want to test before making any big decisions. Add closed questions to your surveys to deny or confirm your educated guess and feel confident with your solution moving forward.

You can use this technique to gauge interest in new product offerings, service channels or to check the customer's awareness of new CX initiatives.


save-churn (4)

Save churn case by case

Take action on a day-to-day basis and react quickly to urgent customer issues with the Conversation Manager.

Reply, forward, and view the customer's entire feedback history to deliver a personal approach with every interaction.

Learn how our customers create personal connections
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Ignite transformation with our customer success team

Our customer success team helps you kick-start transformation within your company. Our new consultancy service steps foot in your company and enables you to drive growth by removing friction in your processes, products, or teams.


How we guide you towards success