Our mission

In a constantly changing world and with the rise of recurring business, customer retention is extremely important. Our goal is to eliminate all reasons for customer churn from the world. We want every organisation to know exactly why their customers are happy or why they are leaving and how companies can prevent this in real-time.
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32% of customers will walk away from a brand they love after just one bad experience

Many companies are burning money in acquisition on the one hand, and are losing existing customers on the other. A customer feedback programme needs to focus on pinpointing what any company should know: why are customers dissatisfied? And they need to know it before customers leave, especially in today's world, with drastically changing customer needs and expectations.

How many customers are leaving?



hello customer capture feedback across customer journey
hello customer 95 percent accuracy
hello customer operational and experience data
hello customer take action on every level of the business

With Feedback to 3% less churn

Hello Customer is the first complete customer feedback and insights platform that lets you:

Capture in the moment feedback in realtime

Capture the right feedback in the right moment from the right customer, so you get customer experience insights across the journey in real-time.

Gain insights from feedback automatically through AI

Hello Customer has created a powerful text analysis engine that reduces language to its essence, so it's easier for algorithms to interpret feedback.

Our artificial intelligence analyses all feedback in the right context in any European language and does so with an accuracy of 95%. You'll know exactly what your customers want and expect. 

How does our A.I. work?

Know the drivers and killers of satisfaction

We combine feedback and survey analysis with operational data from your CRM, ERP or loyalty programme. This way you don't just get an idea of customer satisfaction, you'll know exactly what causes it, how to improve it and how to measure potential changes you are making. 

The value of operational data

Take action on every level of the business

Our revolutionary AI delivers the right insights to every level of the business, so you can take action on a strategic, team and individual level. Use feedback to break through silos and to battle churn in real-time.

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Our guarantees: 

✔️  a flat fee, no hidden volume limitations

✔️  no day rate consultancy fees

✔️  no surprises

✔️  + 20% response rates

✔️  insights within 2 weeks after launch

What is the ROI?

We'll be there for you

Hello Customer helps you make sense of experience and operational data, leading to actionable insights. By finding out what your customers want, understanding why they leave and measuring taken actions, we can help you make the right decisions.

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