There is important business value in listening to your customers. Link open feedback to business metrics and be amazed by how customer feedback can have a positive impact on your company's performance in an era of saturated markets

Let customer feedback guide you in taking scalable business decisions

Improve your business processes

From a management point of view, the importance of customer feedback lies in the ROI and the effect on the P&L (Pay & Loss statements). The stories your customers share when it comes to your product, company or service are the key to discovering which processes need improvement and where resources are needed most.

Improve business processes

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Hello Customer real-time department rankings
Discover best practices and bad performers

Track statistics and assess whether business decisions have a positive impact on customer experience. Use customer feedback to learn and measure your best practices, discover where there's still room for improvement and what your bad performers are.

Our real-time department rankings can help you find out which service concepts are received well and which should be eliminated. Create A/B splits to see if your customers respond well to new projects.

Track evolutions over periods of time

After you've established these, you'll know exactly where improvement is needed. Distinguish what is still missing in your customer experience for a specific store or branch. Discover huge opportunities to increase revenue where there's still a lot of potential left.

After you've decided where to invest, you can track differences and evolutions over periods of time. Make sure your efforts make an impact, and if there is a change in the way customers are talking about your company or service.

Customer experience evolutions