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Connecting customer experience to growth with the service-profit chain

The service-profit chain dates back to 1994, originally a solid framework on how to build profitability in a service business. Today, more and more businesses operate on a recurring revenue model and organisations shift increasingly from product to service. That’s why the framework is more relevant than ever.

In this e-book, we explain how a well-working service-profit chain leads to great customer experience and how this builds profitability.

What will you learn from this e-book?

✔️What the service-profit chain means and how it works

✔️ Why it is the perfect framework for all your customer experience efforts as it focuses on the three most important pillars of CX: processes, people and product-service

✔️ How you can put the chain into practice within your organisation, and how this will positively impact profitability and revenue growth

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