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Hello Customer and the Service-Profit Chain

Shortly put, the Service-Profit Chain (developed by James Heskett) establishes a relationship between how customers feel about a brand, how employees feel about a workplace, and a business’s profitability. In this e-book we link the chain to customer experience, as you need one key ingredient to put this into practice: feedback.

Customer centricity: the best business strategy

Becoming a market leader used to depend on choosing one out of three business strategies. As a company you could offer the best product, offer operational excellence or focus on customer intimacy. These last few years this has changed drastically.

We’re living in a fast-paced world in which customers’ expectations change all the time. Organisations have to excel in all three of them and put the customer right in the centre of all their efforts.

The Service-Profit Chain is the ideal framework to support companies who want to do so. It closes the loop between companies, customers and employees.

In this e-book, we'll discuss:

✔️ How organisations can put the service-profit chain in practice
✔️ How to meet and exceed your customer's expectations
✔️ How we can help you achieve this by starting a conversation with customers and employees
hello customer and the service profit chain ebook
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