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Demystifying AI for CX tools

Get a grip on Artificial Intelligence and text analytics for CX tools

What does AI mean for customer experience

There's no escaping it, Artificial Intelligence rules the world. For customer-centricity tools specifically, it's a fundamental component because it makes sense of the incoming feedback at scale. By interpreting and analyzing what your customers are talking about, AI gives you a powerful opportunity to achieve actionable insights in real time so you can take strategic action without hesitation.

This sounds like a dream, but only if the algorithm performs accurately. These days many vendors claim to have an AI or text analytics solution, but achieving a high degree of accuracy is easier said than done.

In this e-book, we'll cover :

✔️ Why the accuracy of an AI system is so important

✔️ The most-used text analytics techniques many CX tools rely on and what the pro's and cons are each technique

✔️ What you want to look out for when selecting a tool so you can make the best decision for your business

✔️ How Hello Customer does things differently to achieve an industry-leading accuracy 

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