customer satisfaction

The CSAT or Customer Satisfaction Score is a key metric to improve customer experience. This survey with a 1 to 5 scale is the best metric to gain immediate feedback about an interaction, at any point in the customer journey.


The perfect metric to take quick and targeted actions

The Customer Satisfaction Score is an excellent metric to measure satisfaction at specific touchpoints. CSAT surveys allow for a better understanding of how different aspects of your business are performing.

The CSAT can give you insight in:  

  • how happy customers are with a specific topic of process of your business so you can pinpoint issues
  • how to improve customer relations
  • how to streamline processes 
  • which products or services you should develop next


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What will you get from the guide?

  • How to choose key touchpoints to ask for feedback
  • How to select the right customer satisfaction metric for the right touchpoint
  • Learn how to use and interpret CSAT surveys correctly for maximum business impact

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