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Remaining relevant as a physical retailer in omnichannel times

Market research requires a lot of preparation and time. Hello Customer delivers us a constant stream of feedback in real time and helps us understand how real customers perceive our company, our stores and the changes we implement along the way.”
Guido De Smet
Commercial Director
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Industry Retail
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Standaard Boekhandel's challenges

Standaard Boekhandel is a book retailer with a strong position as a market leader in Belgium and with over 200 stores throughout the country. They want to know how customers perceive their brand to remain relevant in a competitive market that's becoming increasingly more digital.

Their challenges:

  1. Standaard Boekhandel relied mostly on mystery shopping and market research to evaluate the performance of the brand and its stores. But they wanted real-time insights from real customers.

  2. Standaard Boekhandel faces a lot of competition from online platforms like and Amazon. They want to understand how they can stay relevant as a physical retailer.  

  3. Standaard Boekhandel wants everyone in the company to adopt a customer-centric mindset and to see customer feedback as something that offers chances for improvement and growth, and not as a control mechanism.
Hello Customer is our ‘customer pulse monitor’. It keeps us nurtured with customer insights, it makes sure we keep track of our performance so we can improve it. It’s like putting on your activity tracker when you're going for a run: Hello Customer tells us if we're on track.
Guido de Smet
Commercial Director

Get to know how:

✔️ Standaard Boekhandel has made both operational and strategic changes based on customer feedback insights

✔️ Standaard Boekhandel uses customer insights as a compass for business strategy and to spot opportunities for growth

✔️ Standaard Boekhandel has improved speed and agility both for their offline and online service delivery to meet customer expectations via every channel.

1919 Founded
200 Bookstores
Improved Profit margins
270 Employees
16,1m $ Global net sales ecommerce
2011 Launched their e-commerce

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