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Evolving in your market by using customer feedback

Hello Customer helps us to further build on our strategy to offer 'Security as a Service', so we can tailor to all security needs our customers have.
Anne Caremans
Senior Project Manager at Securitas
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Industry Security Solutions (B2B and B2C)
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Securitas’s challenges

Securitas is a global market leader in security solutions and offers permanent security, technological solutions, advise and training programmes. Securitas services other businesses (B2B) but also private individuals (B2C). Securitas are able to meet specific customers needs and help their customer to find the right security solution for them. Because of changes in the market, Securitas want to evolve and offer “Security as a Service”. For that, all the departments need to provide the same excellent service. All the teams need to be aware of the operational processes in each division thanks to customer feedback.

Their challenges:

  1. Securitas wants to create more buy-in and awareness about the importance of spotless service in every department.
  2. Securitas wants to operate in a more proactive way and not wait until the customer reaches out because there is a problem.
  3. Securitas needs to break down the existing silos to become more responsible for the customer and support them.
  4. Securitas wants to offer “Security as a service”, an end-to-end security solution and no longer have separate products and services.
We’re market leader, but that can change in an instant. If our customers are unhappy then we need to pick up on those signals quickly enough, before our competitors do the same. We need to prepare ourselves for that so we stand strong.
Anne Caremans
Senior Project Manager

Get to know how

✔️ Securitas achieved an overall response rate of 30% and an additional 58% response rate to the open feedback question

✔️ Securitas defines improvements based on business insights delivered by our AI-powered open customer feedback analysis.

✔️Securitas uses feedback to continuously improve its services, leading to a whopping 76% of positive customer feedback.

✔️Securitas reduces internal costs thanks to insights from customer feedback about their internal processes.

1985 Founded
1991 Publicly listed company
6500 Employees in Belgium
9,46 billion Revenue Securitas Group
Worldwide Market leader

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