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Reinforcing market leadership with customer feedback


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Hello Customer helps us to further build on our strategy to offer 'Security as a Service', so we can tailor to all security needs our customers have.
Anne Caremans
Senior Project Manager

Securitas is global market leader in security solutions and offers permanent security, technological solutions, advise and training programmes. Because of their extensive experience Securitas is able to meet specific customer needs and helps their customers to find the right security solution for them.


Securitas started working with Hello Customer in 2019. Because of changes in the market they want to evolve as a company and offer ‘Security as a Service’. To do so, all teams need to be aware of the operational processes in each division. The main ingredient to break through these silos? Customer feedback!

What you'll get from their story

✔️ Learn how customer feedback can have a big impact on cost reduction

✔️ Get inspired by their approach to make all teams part of the customer feedback programme

✔️ Discover how they use feedback to create buy-in for organisational changes

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58% Response rate to open feedback
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