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Customer feedback crucial for B2B


An De Mulder Business Unit Director
Hello Customer provides us with a tool to keep an eye on the customer and to do something with their feedback in the midstof our change process. The tool makes customer input debatable and ensures that we keep the customer in the back of our minds."
An de Mulder
Business Unit Director

Qualiphar is a strong and independent player on the Belgian pharmaceutical market. Its sister company Gifrer operates in France. Their commercial model is based on a good relationship between sales rep and customer. Hello Customer helps them nurture these relationships with customer feedback.

What you'll get out of this case study

✔️ How Qualiphar uses customer feedback to further strengthen the relationship between the sales teams and customers
✔️ How Hello Customer helps Qualiphar understand the meaning behind the NPS℠ and hence set the relevant KPIs
✔️ Why feedbacks are the exceptional opportunity for the organisational growth and essential to every department in the organisation

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1:1 relationship follow up
30% promoters
Reinforcement of customer oriented thinking