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Becoming the preferred energy supplier in a competitive market

The flexibility of the Hello Customer platform lets us measure customer satisfaction continuously along the customer journey. This way we can detect changes in satisfaction in real time and we can quickly take actions to improve.
Sophie Lambrechts
Manager Customer Experience
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Industry Energy supplier
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Luminus’s challenges

Luminus wants to become the most preferred energy provider in Belgium. They want to achieve that by getting a holistic view of the customer experience (CX), and by understanding customer satisfaction at different points in the customer journey. Luminus uses insights from customer feedback to define concrete actions to improve CX and to decrease churn.

Their challenges:

  1. Since the liberalization of the energy market in 2017, competition has been fierce. Luminus wants to use customer feedback to understand its competitive edge as an energy supplier to improve retention.

  2. Luminus used to send out long surveys with a lot of questions which didn’t always have the desired effect. They want to capture feedback in a user-friendly and structured way so they can define actions from the insights.

  3. Luminus wants an easy way to share customer feedback with their 2000 employees to continuously improve CX across departments.

The energy market is highly driven by price. We want to make the difference with an excellent customer experience to retain our customers. Thanks to the insights we get from customer feedback, we can give our people the right arguments to convince our customers to trust Luminus as their partner and energy provider.
Sophie Lambrechts
Customer Experience Manager

Get to know how:

✔️  Luminus saves on time and manual labor by switching from doing feedback analysis internally to using our AI feedback analysis.

✔️  Luminus is able to fight churn by understanding their customer better, thanks to the insights from customer feedback.

✔️  Luminus can allocate coaching budgets in a targeted way.

✔️  Luminus improves their marketing campaigns thanks to insights from their onboarding survey.

2000 Employees
15-30% response rate to open feedback
1,8 mio Domestic & professional customers
20% Market share in Belgium

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