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Becoming the most customer-friendly service provider in the market

Within our industry, customer experience is the only differentiating factor. We need to make the difference though service excellence. Hello Customer showed us what our biggest pain points were and we have implemented several process improvements since.
Ann Hostens
Marketing Director
Industry Child benefit fund
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KidsLife’s challenges

Kidslife is a Belgian child benefit fund. In 2018 they underwent a radical change from a B2B  to a B2C  market. None of the players in the industry can differentiate on a product or price level. Experience and quality of service are the key drivers to increase market share.

Their challenges:

  1. KidsLife wants to differentiate itself based on its services. They want their employees evolve from legal experts to customer advisors who help the customer in a correct and understandable way.

  2. KidsLife wants to improve the availability of information. Customers did not always find the right information, or it was sometimes presented too technically.

  3. KidsLife wants to optimize the help desk. Due to a lack of clear information for customers, the helpdesk had to handle many calls. This led to long waiting times and difficult accessibility.

  4. KidsLife changed from B2B to B2C. The entire organization now focuses on an end customer who was previously out of the picture. All internal and external operational processes therefore had to be aligned with that customer.
Thanks to a high response rate of 26.31% and open text response of 69%, we collect a lot of feedback. Every two months our customer ambassadors dive into the feedback and define actions, both quick wins and process improvements like improving our online portal.
Ann Hostens
Marketing Director

Get to know how

✔️ KidsLife transformed their customer service operations thanks to insights customer feedback

✔️KidsLife achieved a 12% increase in accessibility of their customer service desk

✔️KidsLife found opportunities for improvement, both on a strategic and operational level

✔️KidsLife shares customer feedback across departments to decrease siloes

200 Employees
10% Number that represents growth
14% Market share
26,31% Response rate
12% Increase in telephone answering rate
69% Open feedback response

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