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Converting detractors into promoters thanks to customer feedback

The feedback analysis from Hello Customer showed us that customers value our products, but they admire the service our personnel delivers. That's what makes the difference between customer satisfaction and customer delight!
Korneel Verhaeghe
Country Manager
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colora’s challenges

colora is part of Boss Paints, a Belgian paint manufacturer. For more than 50 years, Colora has been a benchmark for professional paints and DIY accessories. They want to distinguish themselves by adopting an extremely customer-oriented approach. For that they need to have sufficient insights into the customers’ expectations.

Their challenges:

  1. colora wanted to know how their service makes the difference for their customers by giving them professional guidance

  2. colora was looking for a platform that allows them to quickly and accurately evaluate customer expectations and identify best practices

  3. colora had difficulties engaging their employees to reach out to customers after a bad experience to close the loop and identify improvements.
Thanks to ISAAC, the artificial intelligence that drives the platform, we can evaluate differences between shops and employees and identify what goes wrong. We mainly use the platform to think about how we can convert detractors into promoters. This is an enormous opportunity for growth.
Korneel Verhaeghe
Country Manager

Get to know how

✔️  colora actively improves the in-store customer experience by dispatching customer feedback to their shop managers 

✔️  colora understands the impact of both their products and service on the customer's purchasing decision 

✔️ colora turns detractors into promoters by actively closing the loop after a customer has given feedback

1981 Founded
30% Increase in response rate
250 Employees
75% Positive comments about the staff
60 Branches

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