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Cases Colmar

An increase of 4% in annual turnover

Normally we'd perform a classic market research study every six months. But that takes time, and so does tracing back your steps and implementing changes. In comparison, a tool like Hello Customer delivers on time-to-value.
Tom Grymonprez
CEO at Colmar/Crocodile/FMC

About Colmar

Colmar was experiencing a year-to-year decline in volume and profitability. Convinced to turn the tide, CEO Tom Grymonprez decided to increase the focus on the customer. 

Their challenges: 

  1. Increase volume and rentability by better delivering on customer expectations and listening to what the customer has to say.

  2. Implementing customer experience company-wide, on an executive level as on an employee level. How can they make the customer tangible to manage culturel change?

  3.  Structural and continuous satisfaction measurement. Colmar wanted to make feedback an operational tool that is easy to comprehend so they can take action fast. 
Feedback helps you understand which restaurants have good planning schedules and which ones haven't. If the waiting times in one restaurant are mentioned multiples times, you can intervene.
Tom Grymonprez
CEO at Colmar/Crocodile/FMC

Tom Colmar


How Colmar uses Hello Customer to resolve their challenges

1. Use customer feedback to deliver the expected experience

“When you’re in the hospitality business, the experience is your product. In that sense, customer experience can’t ever be overestimated. We use feedback to remove frictions, to fix things that aren’t going well. And to enhance our strengths.”

“One big learning we got from the feedback, was that the quality of execution in preparing meals was inconsistent. In some cases it was superb, in others it wasn’t. As a result we rolled out an internal quality assurance program called ‘Smaakmeesters’ throughout the entire organization. We invested in coaching our people: what should dishes look like when they leave the kitchen? How does the customer evaluate our food? How do you know you executed a dish well? Hospitality is a people business, not a machine. It’s the staff in the restaurant that delivers the experience. With Hello Customer we were able to improve the consistency of the quality and at a quick pace.”

2. Involve everyone in customer feedback

“At Colmar, everyone’s day starts with three things. Coffee, looking at yesterday’s numbers, and looking at Hello Customer. I do it daily, and I ask the same from my managers in operations, R&D, purchasing. The restaurant managers do it too. Before the day starts, they brief their team and they look at the open feedback. This makes feedback a tangible thing that easily shows the impact everyone has on the customer. For waiting staff in restaurants an NPS score is too abstract. Open feedback translates their impact into a real customer story that everybody understands.”

colmar resto-jpeg

3. Give customers the chance to give feedback at any given time

“We were looking for a tool with an easy implementation, and which would allow us to capture feedback from our entire audience. Social media only captures a small fraction. With Hello Customer, people get asked to give feedback after they make a reservation with Resengo, when they use their loyalty card, or they can scan the QR code at the table. Because the platform collects and analyzes feedback in real time, we can evaluate every service and every performance on the daily so we can keep a finger to the pulse and intervene quickly. This makes the program easy to manage and monitor.” 


Business outcomes

  1. Proven ROI. “We started with Hello Customer in 2019 and after only one year we saw our annual turnover increase with 4%.”

  2. Increased employee engagement. “Feedback is a very grateful tool that the restaurant managers can use to motivate their people. If you ask for it, there’s a lot more positive feedback than there is negative.”

  3. Increased customer satisfaction. “Of course we see an impact on retention and customer satisfaction. On average we achieve a CSAT of 80. We also see a positive effect on the score after we implement improvements, which helps to support the cultural change internally.”

  4. Decreased costs in tracking. Hello Customer allows them to track customer satisfaction continuously and in real-time. “Normally we’d perform a classic market research study every six months. But that takes time, and so does tracking back your steps and implementing changes. In comparison, a tool like Hello Customer delivers on time-to-value.”

  5. Increased rentability. “Feedback helps you understand which restaurants have good planning schedules and which ones haven’t. If the waiting times in one restaurant are mentioned multiple times, you can intervene.”

€28 million Turn-over in 2019
4% Increase in turnover after one year
800 Employees
80 CSAT Average CSAT Score
24 restaurants In Belgium (Colmar) and France (Crocodile)
15 concept shops Of fast-moving concepts like SBarro, Wok A Way and Java Coffee House in stations and shopping centers

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