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Improve your in-store experience with customer feedback

With Hello Customer, we capture a lot of positive feedback, next to the negative comments, and in real time. This way our stores know precisely what they excel in, but also where opportunities for improvements lie to continuously adjust the in-store customer experience.
Nick Gysbrechts
Commercial Director
Industry Fashion Retail
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Cassis-Paprika’s challenges

Cassis-Paprika is a Belgian fashion retail group. Paprika positions itself as the plus-size brand for women’s fashion, with a strong focus on excellent store experience. Its mission is to make every customer feel at home. Thanks to Hello Customer, Cassis-Paprika can achieve their mission by collecting feedback from their shops in real time so they can continuously improve the customer experience in-store.

Their challenges:

  1. Cassis-Paprika wants to make a difference with the service in their stores and maintain a strong position because the customer has become more demanding with the big online offering.

  2. Cassis-Paprika measured satisfaction through mystery shopping, but this didn’t provide enough insights. They wanted a tool that offers real-time insights to improve store experience continuously.

  3. Cassis-Paprika was looking for a tool that could position customer feedback and mystery shopping in a more positive way with their teams. The personnel at Cassis-Paprika perceived it too much as a control mechanism.

  4. Cassis-Paprika wanted insights not only on service but also on variety, in-store offering, and price, as these are crucial drivers for retail companies.
We really see customer feedback as a possibility to do better. That’s why we run through all of the feedback with the employees so they can see and read for themselves how they can make the difference. That has a reassuring effect.
Nick Gysbrechts
Commercial Director

Get to know how

✔️ Cassis-Papika achieved an NPS of 70 thanks to the changes they make based on customer feedback.

✔️ Cassis-Paprika improved its sales performance by measuring feedback both in stores and online.

✔️ Cassis-Paprika received actionable insights about different business goals and KPIs leading to improvements in their purchasing department and service training.

✔️ Cassis-Paprika achieved a high response rate (minimum of 10%) from their customers in their stores.



1992 Foundation of Cassis
2003 Foundation of Paprika
+ 4 NPS In only 2 years (67 to above 70)
5 countries Active in Belgium, France, Netherlands, Germany and Luxembourg
+ 550 Employees
+ 130 Stores
91 million € Annual revenue in 2020

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