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Baloise Insurance

gert vanuytsel baloise insurance
Thanks to Hello Customer, we can prioritise matters. The platform quickly shows which issues are considered important by which customer segment. We can actually show in numbers what the customers tell us our focus should be."
Gert Vanuytsel
Responsible Broker and Customer Satisfaction

Baloise Insurance is an insurance company that connects experience and a rich history to entrepreneurship and innovation. Everything they do revolves around the customer. Every day they build on creating a durable cooperation with their partners, the brokers, so they can offer the right insurance solutions to private individuals and enterprises. Baloise Insurance is part of the Swiss Baloise Group

Baloise Insurance uses Hello Customer to survey their brokers; partner brokers and non-partners. “We decided to focus on our brokers immediately, as they are the first point of contact for our end customers.” Every quarter Baloise Insurance gauges satisfaction about the collaboration between broker and organisation.

What you'll get out of this case study

✔️ Why it is so important to ask for feedback from your brokers as the first point of contact for the end customer.

✔️ How our AI-driven text analysis provides insights into improvement possibilities on a team level and for the entire organisation.

✔️ Tips & Tricks from Baloise Insurance for a company-wide CX programme.


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+15 Increase in NPS℠
55% Response rate to open feedback