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The Key Driver Analysis: know what drives or harms your CX and revenue

Actionable insights from your survey program, that’s the goal of any Voice of the Customer program. You want to know exactly what drives customers to either recommend you, be indifferent or never return to you again. The Key Driver Analysis will tell you exactly what harms or grows your customer experience, satisfaction or loyalty metrics and ultimately revenue.

About the Key Driver Analysis 

The analysis is a calculation of the impact of open feedback categories on CX metrics like NPS (Net Promoter Score), CES (Customer Effort Score), or CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score). It virtually means that now we don’t just analyze open feedback, we’ll show you in the form of a quadrant visualization exactly which feedback patterns impact your score positively or negatively.

Discover the Key Driver quadrants

KDA Dynamic

  • Fix it now!: It speaks for itself, doesn’t it? This upper left quadrant contains all feedback trends with low sentiment scores that require your immediate attention. Improve these topics to impactfully improve your customer’s experience and consequently your CX metric. Shortly put: act quickly!

  • Promote: Yes! These are your wins and the things customers love you for. This quadrant includes all your biggest strengths. Understanding these drivers will allow you to double down on them and as such increase your revenue even more. And great CX companies will of course leverage these insights into all their marketing and branding efforts.

  • Keep in mind: The bottom left of the quadrant contains the trends that can be tabled for now. They don’t affect the experience that much. If you have a long list of priorities (which is usually the case), then rest assured... they will be at the very bottom and will not require your attention right away. You can be sure of that.

  • Amplify: The bottom right quadrant includes your possible future strengths. These trends have high sentiment scores, but they don’t impact your metrics just yet. So even though customers perceive these topics positively, you can table these too, for now.

That list of priorities, right? Well, our data-driven Key Driver Analysis will give you the peace of mind to focus on the things that have an impact. It will help you decide where you should concentrate your efforts and where to invest your resources in.


The Key Driver Analysis will let you:

  • Create awareness within your organization

Share all these insights in one simple overview with your management and other departments. This is a great way to make everyone aware of how important CX initiatives are for your bottom line and to remain a market leader. On top, you can make the impact that each team has on the actual customer experience more tangible.

  • Analyze thousands of feedbacks in 1 go

Improve each area without being overwhelmed by the volume of feedback you’re receiving. You will have a detailed overview of what harms and drives customer satisfaction at a certain touchpoint. To make sure you interpret the results correctly, you can see where every category path from your different touchpoints is situated in the quadrants. That way you can take strategic decisions with confidence.

  • Track the impact of your CX initiatives over time

Run the Key Driver Analysis periodically to track the evolution of your CX initiatives over time. This way you can easily see which efforts are most effective for both you and your customers.

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