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Align feedback insights with your business goals using ISAAC's category grouping

There’s no denying it, most companies nowadays are searching for a solution to turn customer experience insights into something tangible and actionable. While Hello Customer already allows you to pick up on what your customers are really saying, it’s just as important to align these insights with your teams’ KPIs and internal business language so everyone understands the impact they have on the customer experience.

Our AI, ISAAC (short for Industry-Specific Analysis and Categorization) turns feedback into detailed insights by applying fine-grained topic categorization and sentiment analysis to the feedback you receive. Our AI already takes your industry and touchpoint into account, still, it’s possible that you’re looking for a more personalized analysis. For example: what if the feedback categories don’t fully match with your internal KPIs? Or what if you would much rather group similar topics into one to get a more generalized overview? To that end, we have created ISAAC Category Grouping, allowing you to turn these actionable insights into something that perfectly suits your company’s needs.


The ins and outs of ISAAC’s category grouping

After ISAAC has worked its magic and tailored the analysis to your specific industry, it’s time to take it one step further and bundle ISAAC’s default categories into new and personalized ones. Not only can you freely name your category group, but you can also combine any existing categories that you see fit. Want to make changes to your category groups? Simply add or remove categories from your personalized groups in a few clicks.

By default, ISAAC already generates a fine-grained analysis on multiple levels. To that end, we’ve made it possible to also structure your own category groups up to three levels. This way, you can personalize your category groups and still get the insights you need, without compromising on a certain level of detail.

Let’s make this more concrete. Say you wanted to get a general overview of how friendly your staff is, yet you have staff members working at different touchpoints in the customer journey (i.e. helpdesk, shop, and delivery staff). Simply group all the categories that focus on your staff’s friendliness and you’re ready to go. Uncertain of which categories are relevant? You can use the search bar to help find the ones you were looking for.


After having combined your categories and structured your new category groups, it’s time to see the category grouping in action. Similar to where you would have previously consulted your feedback insights, ISAAC will have now applied your very own category groups to all the dashboard and analysis widgets, the team ranking, and even the Key Driver Analysis, allowing you to gather insights in a way that best suits your company. On top of that, you can filter your category groups to get a detailed analysis of all the categories inside them.

What’s in it for you?

  • Align ISAAC’s categories with internal KPIs

While ISAAC always considers your company’s industry and the touchpoint when generating insights, each individual company has set out its own internal KPIs, making it possible that the information you seek is split over different categories. Creating personalized category groups will enable you to report your findings in a way that best suits your company’s KPIs and internal business language.

Companies will generally look at the ‘3 P’s’ (your process, products or services and people) to define their KPIs. You can now decide which of the 3 P’s categories such as ‘Billing’, ‘Price’, ‘Promo’, etc. belong. For example, given the recent crisis, energy providers probably want an easy overview of what people are thinking about price changes. By simply grouping categories such as ‘Billing’ and ‘Price’ and selecting a relevant date range with our date picker, they can get a general overview of pricing-related insights within this specific time frame, compared to all the other topics. Afterward, they can use the filter options to drill down and get detailed insights from all the categories in their personalized category group.

isaac grouping KPIs


  • Group categories that cover more or less the same topic or have a similar meaning

Combine categories with similar meanings or related topics into one. For example, in public transportation, if a customer is critical about the time schedule or delays, the generated categories will be different based on the type of transportation that was mentioned e.g., train, tram, or metro. Get the required insights in the blink of an eye by grouping all categories referring to the schedule into one.

  • Gather insights even faster

Gather relevant insights at an even faster rate by aligning ISAAC’s category names with your internal business language. By giving the analysis a more familiar and accessible look and feel, you’ll recognize your KPIs quicker. In addition, setting up a plan of action based on an analysis that is tailored specifically to your business saves a lot of time as you can gather all the necessary insights from your own personalized and familiar category groups instead of going through the default ones.

ISAAC grouping heatmap-1

Summing it all up

While turning customer feedback into something actionable has become a core part of many business strategies, it’s essential that these insights are displayed in a personalized way that aligns with your company’s needs. Start aligning the Hello Customer platform with your own internal KPIs and get insights even faster with ISAAC’s personalized category groups.


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