Net Promoter® Score is a method to measure customer satisfaction. It is a very efficient way of realizing sustainable growth. The system was created in 2003, by Frederick Reichheld of Bain & Company, and it has been implemented with great success in large and small companies all over the world.


Customers are being asked a simple question: ‘How likely are you to recommend this company, brand, product or service to family, friends or colleagues?’ The answer must be given on a scale of 0 to 10.

The Ultimate Question - The Net Promoter Score
The Net Promoter System - Explenation

Unhappy customers, who are not likely to purchase again, and who might spread negative word-of-mouth.


Satisfied customers, but they are not delighted. That makes them vulnerable to competitive offerings.


The loyal ones who will purchase more and who will refer others, thereby fueling growth.


The Net Promoter Score itself is but one aspect of the Net Promoter® System. The second question is an open ended question: ‘Why did you give us that score?’

The Net Promoter® System does not suggest any reason: it leaves it up to the customer to divulge what really matters. In that light, Net Promoter® Score is very different from the traditional customer satisfaction surveys, consisting of long lists of questions.


Net Promoter Score - Feedback

It's a continuous system

The Net Promoter® System is not a one-off operation. It is a dynamic and continuous process, whereby the company becomes focuses on an on-going and permanent improvement. In that way the score grows into an incentive for each department, a motivator for every collaborator, and a signpost for the C-level of a company.

The impact of the implementation of NPS in the company is enormous because it reaches into the core of the company’s management, implicating changes in customer experience as it goes along. Every improvement is translated into both the customer’s view on the changes and into company results.

Moreover, the work is never finished. Net Promoter® Score acts as a valve on customer experience, at once establishing customer centricity and leveraging better results on the bottom line.

The Net Promoter® System is not a research model as such. It is essentially an operational model that permeates into company culture.

It’s success is due to it’s ability to mobilize and energize teams and individuals using transparency as a powerful engine.

The benefits of NPS

reliable compass to be used in management and in marketing,


Instead of bothering your customer with an overload of questions, you ask just 1 single question. Answering the question is easy and intuitive, on a simple scale from zero to ten.


Whether a customer is happy or not, the message is clear and the messages are abundant. NPS brings teams to life, frontline and back, because what’s rolling in is so simple to respond to.


Join ranks with hundreds of thousands of companies who’ve successfully implemented NPS. Tap into the wealth of knowledge and best practices. There’s a bunch of experienced practitioners out there who can help you.

Incorporating NPS throughout your departments

For NPS to work, it has to be implemented in the whole company. Both in front and back office. In every single department.

Circle Full

Actual scores

Circle Empty

Room for improvement

Benchmark departments - Net Promoter Score

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